My Easy Thrive Leads Ninja Trick for Increasing Quality Subscribers [VIDEO]

Creating a content strategy is kind of a big undertaking. Mainly because there are so many moving parts to connect but once you dive into it it all starts coming together, just like putting together an actual puzzle (you have all these puzzle pieces laying in front of you and it feels like it’s going to take forever. Until you start finding all the straight edges to put the border together, right?). Thrive Leads should be one of the moving parts to creating your content strategy.

The most important thing while you’re developing your content strategy is to continue creating content. Don’t get stuck planning and strategizing. That’s hugely important but you can absolutely start implementing as you’re developing your content strategy (as someone who is currently in the thick of this I can tell you that for me it’s probably going to be an ongoing process. I see setting up a few systems, but it will continue to evolve and be tweaked as time goes on).

Which is what my easy Thrive Leads Ninja trick is all about.

As I’ve been working through my content strategy I’ve also been consuming a LOT of content (the key here is that I’m continuing to work on my content strategy while consuming content. I’m not staying stuck in the consumption or idea phase). As someone who is getting more and more obsessed with how my content looks, I’m also becoming obsessed with conversions and whether or not the content I’m creating works. Novel idea, right? Of course I want to create content that provides value and connects with my audience, but I’m a business owner and my primary goal for creating content is to grow my business strategically.

What I noticed

One of the things I noticed about the content I was consuming or was drawn most to were the CTA’s (calls to action) that were implemented within the content. They weren’t huge opt-in boxes but they stood out enough that I paid attention and more often then not I clicked on them.

The two things that I noticed most were colored boxes with either a link to an opt-in or other relevant content.

Here’s an example of what I’m referring to:

Colored box with links to other relevant content (I’ll be adding my own custom shortcode so the color & hyperlinks are easier to read, but wanted to show you what this looks like):

[panel background=”#dfdfdf” color=”#000000″]Part of a solid content strategy is linking to other relevant content on your site. Here is a post on Content Formatting Plugins that will Surprise and Delight You.[/panel]

That option was created using the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin and the ‘panel’ shortcode (I’ll show you below in the video). The panel shortcode is an add-on (so you have to purchase it), but you can do something similar with the ‘note’ option within the plugin which is part of the free version (very similar, just a little different styling).

The other colored box I was for an opt-in. So that the box would show a text link that opened an opt-in box. I decided to test something that would probably make coders and programmers cringe, but hey-ho, it gets the job done. I decided to test if I could put a shortcode within a shortcode. A little unconventional, but again, until I create the custom shortcode it gets the job done. So the box you see below is using the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin along with a Thrive Lead box I created (again, I’ll show you in the video how I did this).

[thrive_2step id=’13876′][button style=”flat” background=”#e05455″ size=”5″ wide=”yes” radius=”0″]Want more awesome training like you’re getting in this post? Download my Top 10 Tools I use for Profiting with WordPress![/button][/thrive_2step]

There’s something about the colored box that feels less obnoxious than the full opt-in box, right?

If done correctly it’s right in line with your content (meaning it doesn’t interrupt the organic flow of the post) but it stands out.

I’m digging it.

Once I do the custom shortcodes with the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin I’ll post a video on that as well.

Here’s the video… let me know what you think!


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