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Karvel Digital

I guess I should give you a little warning with this episode… the audio gremlins came out in full force. The first half of the interview was done with Zencastr, then we hopped over to Skype to wrap things up, so bear with the change in the audio.

That being said, I went deep in this interview with Kronda, of Karvel Digital, who shared her journey from retail jobs to getting a degree in web design, being fired for culture fit and then moving on to working for herself.

One of the things that I love most about what Kronda focuses on in her business is automation. What differentiates her from a lot of other people who focus on automation is that she keeps the personalization in the mix. Something else I knew I needed to talk to Kronda about was her personal video challenge: she challenged herself to do a 30-day video challenge. She recorded a video a day, for 30 days, simply to show people that content isn’t as hard as you think (a girl after my own heart).

Questions I Asked Kronda

  1. How did you end up in digital marketing?
  2. Can you share what your 30-day video challenge was all about?
  3. Why do you think people don’t create content?
  4. What would you tell someone who thinks it’s too crowded to get into this space today?
  5. Where do you see content marketing heading?
  6. What made you decided to create your first course?
'Get over yourself and email your list.' - Kronda Adair, Karvel DigitalClick To Tweet

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How she dealt with being fired for ‘culture fit’
  • How she addresses questions in her business (hint: this is part of her automation process)
  • Why she decided to serve people who are service-based businesses
  • Her thoughts on ‘getting ready to get ready’
  • How she helps her clients gain awareness of their websites so they’re in control
  • Why content marketing is the key to building relationships online
  • Why Kronda is choosy about the clients she works with (and how you can use her framework in selecting your own clients)
Creative people go into business because they realize they’re good at what they do and people will pay them for it. But they tend not to look at the business side of things. - Kronda Adair, Karvel DigitalClick To Tweet

Where to Connect with Kronda

Karvel Digital Website

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