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Ben Settle

Ben Settle is the reason I started my daily emails (er, almost daily emails).

I don’t remember where I initially came across Ben Settle, but you guys have heard me talk about him enough to know that following his method of daily emailing is one of the best things I’ve done for my business.

I was a subscriber of Ben’s for about a year before I became a customer. Ben sells a monthly physical newsletter called Email Players (as well as a few other products and books). To say I look forward to getting my Email Players every month would be an understatement. I don’t know if it’s the little kid in me or what, but I love getting that physical newsletter in my mailbox. I guess I’m probably a little old school as well because I still like holding something physical from time to time (as opposed to just a digital version).

Tactics vs. Strategies

This was one of those things I needed to learn through experience.

It’s also something I see soooo many people doing with their online businesses. I think it might be a right of passage or part of the process, but if you want to cut your learning curve down by years then stop chasing something you think will be ‘it’ for you. A course, a guru, a tactic or a platform. None of these things alone will give you the business you want. You might have a quick win or a little success with one of these tactics, but taking the time to really learn and understand direct response marketing (good copy, conversions, content, sales) will create a compound effect.

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This was what Ben did for me.

First, he made receiving email fun again.

No, he didn’t add a new “you’ve got mail” ping to my inbox.

He provided entertaining copy that made me want to open his emails. Once I started reading (consuming) the emails regularly I realized I was also learning a ton in the process.

Ben was doing something I hadn’t seen anyone else do.

He was selling in every single email.

And I still wanted to open them, every day.

I didn’t get offended by his selling, I just kept reading until I was ready to buy (which remember, it was a full year before I jumped in).

I’ve gotten more validation, more engagement, and more responses to what I’m doing since implementing El Benbo’s methods (this is how he refers to himself from time to time) than I ever have before.

The best part?

I’m having more fun in my business than I ever have.

Literally, like EVER.

O.K., let’s jump into the interview.

Questions I Asked Ben

  1. Let’s talk email. Can you talk about the daily email philosophy and why it works so well?
  2. What are the biggest objections you hear from people about emailing daily?
  3. Why do you think people freak out so much about selling daily as well?
  4. This probably isn’t a surprise to the audience, but you do things a little different. You don’t worry about open rates, click through rates or any of the stuff that so many marketing ‘guru’s’ preach about. Why don’t these things matter (like we think they do?)?
  5. You don’t seem to do a lot of marketing for your brand (in terms of ads, webinars, JV’s, etc.), yet you have a very successful business. How do you market your business?
  6. What do you tell someone who doesn’t have something to sell yet?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  1. What Weng Chun Kung Fu has in common with email marketing
  2. The concept of being ‘un O.K.’
  3. How to listen correctly to your subscribers and sell them what they want, even if they don’t know what that is
  4. Why Ben has renamed the internet troll ‘Lennox’
  5. The real reason people aren’t clicking the links in your emails
  6. The roll timing plays in your emails (not the time of day you send them, but the timing in the lives of your subscribers)

I have to tell you that I had just as much fun listening to this interview as I did when I recorded it.

Here’s my suggestion to you when it comes to daily email.

Step into it in a way that works for you. If you’re currently emailing once a week, try a couple times a week. Then start adding an email on the weekends. The more you do this, the easier it gets (and remember, it’s ALL content!)

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Where to Connect with Ben Settle

Website | Twitter | Podcast

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  1. I love this podcast. I just saw your email today, Kim. I agree totally with daily emails. I look forward to two emails every day – one of them is yours. My favorite part – ‘The roll timing plays in your emails (not the time of day you send them, but the timing in the lives of your subscribers)’. That’s the reason I read yours and the other one. I connect with both of you with what’s going on in my life right now.

    1. Thanks so much Hema!
      You made my day 🙂 It really is one of the best things I’ve done for my business. I had no idea I’d enjoy writing so much.
      have a fantastic weekend!

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