A Community For Creators Who Want to Generate Traffic & Sales With Their Content

Are you building a tribe of raving fans or freebie seekers with your content? Do you feel like you’re publishing to crickets?

Our Goal is to show you that #EverythingIsContent, that you CAN have fun on the journey while profiting from your content.

What do I get with Creators Nation?


Core Content Strategy

With so many different content strategies and tactics being taught, how do you create your own foundation, in your own voice, in a way that work for you? That’s what the Core Content Strategy is going to teach you. You’ll create your own framework that will work with all of your content.


Mastermind Trainings

Monthly mastermind trainings where we’ll focus on mastering one element of content marketing. We’ll go deep in the why, where, and how of each strategy (some of these might be two parts). We’ll also use the mastermind calls for Q&A.


Guest Experts

I’ll be hosting a guest expert once a month (minimum) to teach something specific. The topics will range from live streaming, to messaging, storytelling, email marketing, and more. These will be relevant strategies that are paired with a solid foundation.


Private Podcast

On many of my solo shows I go into some of the behind-the-scenes challenges of growing an online business. In this podcast I’ll go deeper. As the Nation grows I’ll host private calls with fellow Creators as case studies (with permission of course).

Nation Extras...

Hot Seat Coaching

I’ve done a handful of these in Content Creators, but am moving these all to Creators Nation. Need help with something specific in your business? We’ll do one hot-seat a month where we deep-dive into your specific challenge. You may even have a guest expert weigh in on your specific issue.

Early Access

Members of Creators Nation will get early access to any trainings, products, and content. If I’m thinking of offering a new class? You’ll get it first (either free or at a discount). Most paid training will be free to Creators Nation Members. You’ll also get first iterations of the Content Creators Planner as it evolves.

Retreat Discounts

I’ll be hosting my first live Content Creation Weekend in the first half of 2019.

Members of Creators Nation will get a discount on any retreats (first one is planned for Lake Tahoe, CA).

Core Content Strategy

Part 01

Content Myths

We’re going to help you debunk all the content myths you’ve either heard, were taught, or have in your head. Once you’ve kicked the myths to the curb, you can move onto clarity.

Part 02

Clarity is Key

Nothing will help you get clearer than doing the work. We help you get clear on what your content should be doing for your business, who you’re serving, and the problems it solves.

Part 03

Content Evolution

Are you creating content that worked 10 years ago? How is it stacking up to all the other content online? We’ll look at your current content and craft a plan for bringing it into the current year so it’s relevant and engaging.

Part 04

Your Core Message & Goal

Unless you’re simply in the mood to create and share something, let’s create the end goal for your content and ensure it lines up with your core message.

Part 05

Using Your Message for Good

We’re going to make sure you’re doing more than contributing more words to the already crowded web (regardless of the medium). Dial in your message so it connects to your bigger ‘WHY’.

Part 06

Go All In: Strategy + Action

Time to implement. We’re going to take everything we covered in the previous 5 parts and start taking action (less planning here, more doing).

Nation Training

The goal of the training inside the Nation is to bring together like-minded Creators who want to produce engaging, relevant content that serves their audience AND brings in revenue.

All of the training inside Creators Nation will be based on real-life experience and results. We might talk about the theory, but we’re going to show you how it applies to your business so you can get started implementing immediately.

If it’s not something you’re ready to take action on, you’ll have a clear understanding of that as well.

Upcoming Training

Kim Doyal

Core Content Strategy

Ross Brand
Ross Brand

Succeed with Live Streaming

Christine Sheehy


Trey Lewellen

Content for e-commerce conversions

Kyle Gray


Mike Killen

Funnels for Content Conversions

The Nation Community



We can all use a little extra support to keep us on task. The accountability in this group will be specific to one project /goal. You share where you want to be held accountable and we’ll keep you on task.


Core Content Clarity

Check in here if you’re stuck with one of the parts from the Core Content Strategy. This is the foundation for all your content, this is where you can ask for help in dialing that in.


Profit Center

Show me the money! This is where you can ask for help in pricing your product, selling through your content, or anything that relates to the numbers in your business.


Idea Station

Looking for feedback or someone to bounce an idea off of? This is where you can get some help working through an idea or getting some validation.


You Tell Me

What else would be helpful. This is YOUR community. It’s going to continue to grow and evolve based on the needs of the Creators. Submit your ideas and suggestions.


Archived training

As a bonus to Creators Nation, we’re going to pull in all the free training from the Content Creators FB group and archive in Kajabi in an easy to find and consume format.

Join Creators Nation

A community of Creators sharing amazing knowledge, action-able tips, resources and much more.

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Founder Bonuses

Content Creators Planner

You'll get a PHYSICAL edition of the Content Creators Planner (shipping late 2018).

#Everything Is Content Course

Lifetime access to the #EverythingIsContent Course (value: $197)

Grow Your Audience Course

The entire Grow Your Audience Course (6 modules, 24 videos!) Value: $197

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BONUS! 60 Minute, One-on-one Focus session with Kim

I offer Focus Strategy sessions for $297... you get a FREE 60 minute session when you sign up for the annual Creators Nation Plan (webinar bonus only).