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Writing with AI is here to stay… and it can make a massive difference in your business.

This is piggybacking off of last week when we shared the live stream with did with Chris Hull of Jarvis.

It seems that people either love or hate both the idea of writing with ai and the tools themselves. The two most common initial reactions seem to be “ai will never replace a human writer!” and “what it produces is crap!”

What people seem to be missing is that these tools are just that: tools.

I had a few of my own struggles when I first started using Jarvis (the tool we shared with you last week), but then I decided to dig in deeper and make sure that what I was inputting was correct. Not in terms of the content, but was I structuring the content correctly.

Short answer?

In this post, I talk about the power of writing with ai and what it means for the future of content marketing. We’ve hit a level of market sophistication and in order for your content to do well (convert, rank, connect), it has to be better.

Read “The Astonishing Power of Writing with WI and What it Means for the Future of Content Marketing” here

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Things worth sharing…

Using an Effective Video Marketing Strategy for 2021 on TikTok
Confession: I haven’t done anything with TikTok. Obviously, the platform is here to stay, so if you’re thinking of using it for your video marketing this is a great post with a solid framework for planning your content and using TikTok (I’ve bookmarked this for myself… you never know).
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One Stupid Simple Creativity Hack Led Me to My Best Idea Ever
We ask people who join our Content Creators Facebook Group what their #1 challenge is with content and the majority of the time the answer is “coming up with new ideas.” This might just solve that for you.
Write Down 10 Ideas per Day and it Can Rewire Your Brain

39 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List
This is probably the one regret I have in my business. Not focusing on growing a list of quality subscribers from day 1. I’ve always had a list and an opt-in, but it should be a primary focus in your business (growing your list and emailing them regularly). This is a great place to start for email growth strategies.
14 Email Copywriting Tips to Nail Your Strategy

Better Together…

Creativity loves company! Tools to test and try…

  • RapidReply
    There have been a handful of great Chrome Extensions popping up lately… this one is worth trying! Audio & voice are continuing to grow, which is why I love the idea of sending voice messages via email! Voice responses are my preferred in messaging apps… I love doing this via email as well because you can hear the inflections in people’s voices.
  • Link Whisper
    I shared this recently in my other newsletter but holy moly this is a game changer! It’s the easiest way to add internal links to your content. It gives suggested links and shows the anchor text as well. All you need to do is click the box to add the link.
  • Podcast transcripts
    This free tool looks pretty powerful. I pay for a transcript tool but want to test this as well. You can export multiple file formats for free. You can even export as an SRT file for video transcripts.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.

– Steve Jobs

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