Creativity Published ~ No. 051

The internet can be a fickle place.

It can be both amazing and a little bit frustrating (trying to keep this on the light side). After last year more people than ever have taken to the internet to create a business, side-hustle, or completely overhaul their lifestyle.

The challenge is that there is a misconception about what it really takes to make it all work.

I’ve seen so many people get excited about the potential and opportunity only to throw in the towel too soon. Whether they were hoping for a little win or had expectations about replacing a full-time income.

There’s a harsh truth about creating and building something online that people don’t want to acknowledge. The good news is if you’re willing to stick with it and course correct along the way, you’re so far ahead of most people that you’ll see success sooner than you think.

In this post I also talk about the 3 things you need in place in order to succeed online (I promise it’s not just theory or esoteric… as much as I love that stuff too).

Read “The Harsh Truth About Online Business No One Wants to Acknowledge” here

Happy creating!
Kim & Jodi

Things worth sharing…

Instagram testing huge new change to the way photos are posted
A friend recently shared this in our Content Creators Facebook group and it feels like a “HALLELUJAH! Finally!” It looks like pretty soon we’ll be able to post photos directly to Instagram from the desktop.
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3 Strategies to build a profitable author platform without an audience
For everyone out there who has a “book inside” and is getting close to making that reality, you want to make sure you have a solid plan to get it out into the world. Start here.
Everybody Writes, by Anne Handley

Facebook Groups: New tools to Help Community Builders Manage and Nurture Their Groups
Facebook continues to put more energy and focus on groups. Here are some new tools and updates to groups that will make it easier to grow your groups.
NEW! Facebook Lets Group Admins enable/disable post types

Better Together…

Creativity loves company! Tools to test and try…

  • Subly
    Create automatic transcription, translation, and subtitles for you and your team (because who likes doing transcriptions?)
  • Typefully
    Still not sure how to create a Twitter thread? Look no further, Typefully makes it easy to write and publish tweets and Twitter threads.
  • GrowMeOrganic
    Not sure which hashtags to use when posting to Instagram? Use this free Chrome extension to find the right hashtags to get more reach with your Instagram posts.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.

– Steve Jobs

Until next time!

Happy Creating,

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