Creativity Published ~ No. 026

Higher Quality Content Always Wins

“OMG! Have you gotten an invite to Clubhouse yet?!”


To each, their own, but what if the answer to driving more traffic to your site wasn’t yet another social media platform? (and if you’re not familiar with Clubhouse, I briefly explain it in today’s post).

What if the answer was to create better content, but less of it?

Jodi addressed this in her post “No one really needs MORE content from you” (and is worth the time if you haven’t read it already). With this latest shiny object (Clubhouse) It seems important to continue this conversation.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately with the start of a new year and feeling laser-focused on the best use of my time. I love the quote I shared in the post from Malcolm Gladwell about aiming to be different, not better.

Which is so refreshing…

It’s a lot easier to be uniquely yourself. Focus on creating higher quality content, not more of it (and less consuming, more producing).

Happy Creating,
Jodi & Kim

Things worth sharing…

Email Marketing Trends for 2021

I absolutely LOVE that email marketing is becoming popular again (or should I say trendy?). It’s never gone away, but it requires work and consistency… something too many people aren’t willing to put in. Here are 5 new trends for email marketing in 2021. *Ecommerce email orders tripled in 2020!*

6 Lessons from Malcolm Gladwell to Make You A Better Storyteller

The author shares 6 Lessons from having watched all of Gladwell’s Masterclasses on storytelling. One of my favorite lessons from this article is to follow your curiosity (which is highly underrated and we should all do more often).

Better Together…

Creativity loves company! Tools that we use and love.


FINALLY! A good looking form builder for WordPress! Easily create Typeform style forms (and other variations) directly in WordPress OR use the hosted forms. I am thrilled to have found this.

Thrive Architect

I started using Thrive back in the day when it was called Content Builder. It’s a great visual builder to create WordPress funnels, pages, and content.

Year in review & 2021 predictions podcasts

As much as I love reviewing my own year, I love listening to what other businesses learned and what their plans are for the New Year as well.

My year in review… The Kim Doyal Show: Accomplishments, Goals, and Thankfully a New Year KDS: 062:

Rick Mulready, The Art of Online Business Podcast: “My Lessons from 2020 + “Predictions for 2021”

The Smart Marketer Podcast: “2021 Predictions for Marketers and Digital Brands, Part 2”

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