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Ending the Year on a High Note

4th quarter planning
I have an important question for you.


Are you still clinging to summer 🏖 or are you on the pumpkin spice bandwagon? (confession: I’m one of those nutty pumpkin spice people… I love all things pumpkin and have had pumpkin candles in my house since late August 🎃).

Regardless of whether you want more summer or are ready for fall, one thing is undeniable… we’re close to the 4th quarter and the final 3 months of this oh-so-bizarre year.

Jodi and I have started mapping and planning our content and marketing for the next few months and honestly?  It feels a bit like we have a lot to do now that we’re almost halfway through September.

In my desire to adopt an essentialist approach (thank you Jodi), I’ve broken down 4 primary areas with a few general tips to make the most of the fourth quarter:
  1. A Content plan
  2. Black Friday Cyber Monday
  3. Advertising
  4. Email Marketing

Mapping these things out has helped me craft a plan for how best to use my time going into the 4th quarter.

Things worth reading…

This is What “Overnight Success Looks Like: The 10-Year Rule

Nothing will take you sideways faster than a lack of patience when it comes to growing your business online. You don’t need to be a startup or in your 20’s to be able to see yourself in this journey. Here’s what the 10-Year Rule looks like.

The Real Reason FB Ads Have Stopped Working

This article was originally published in 2018 and updated in July of this year. This article is brilliant, calls out the ‘bro marketing culture” and gives hope to those who want to feel good about their marketing (while profiting).

Online Education is Exploding…

Creativity loves company! Tools that we use and love


I just found this yesterday. It’s so new it’s not even available yet. From the creators of (giveaway software) comes a super clean, easy to use platform for selling courses, digital products, memberships & more. Get on the beta list here.

Speaking of, this is the tool we used to launch the Content Creators Planner with a giveaway! It was our first promotion for the planner and it was smooth, fun, and super easy to set up!

Speaking of Online Education…would this interest you?

In addition to version 2 of the Content Creators Planner (coming in early 2021), we’re looking at a second product that we think will also be a game-changer for you and make your life much easier when it comes to sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world.

Ready for this?

Drumroll, please…

The Course Creators Planner

A planner that guides you from start to finish on planning, mapping out, creating, marketing, and selling your online course.

We’re at the very beginning stages of this but see this as a huge opportunity in the marketplace to serve people who want to create online courses but aren’t ready to invest in a “course on courses” with a high price tag (no judgment, but that can be a bit overwhelming).

Let us know if this is something that interests you (and what would be most helpful to include in a Course Creators Planner).

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Hi, I'm Kim Doyal: Entrepreneur, Podcaster, ContentCreator, Optimist. Over 13 years into this online business journey, I believe that #EverythingIsContent and we can all #JustShowUP. Creator of #FtheHustle movement and Co-founder of the Content Creators Planner.

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