Creativity Published ~ No. 009

One Skill that will Increase the Bottom Line in Your Business

When I was at the beginning stages of my business I had a friend who I would turn to for copywriting advice and guidelines (i.e, always hoping he’d do it for me, which he did quite often, but then I wasn’t really developing my own skills).

One of my least favorite tasks he would give me, specifically around writing headlines, was to write 50 potential headlines for what I was working.


That’s 5-0.

I can’t say that I ever did 50, but I could come up with a good 20.

Here’s the problem with tasks like that without a solid understanding of what goes into them.

You just end up creating more crap 💩

Things worth reading…

The Psychology of Selling

What if you understood why your customers buy from you? Or better yet, why they buy what they buy at all? Get into the mind of your customer so it serves them AND you.

Need Client Engagement? Use Storytelling

This is a great article by our friend, Michelle Hunter, on leveraging storytelling to connect with your clients. Our societies were built on storytelling.

Tools worth trying…

Creativity loves company! Tools that we use and love


This is brand new and we haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet, but it looks like a great solution for creating and editing social video. Anything with a free plan is worth taking a look!


Facebook Messenger is a great tool for connecting and business. Our favorite use is for event registration and reminders (you’ll see more of this from us in the coming months). Now ManyChat integrates with SMS as well! And of course, there’s a free plan.

Come hang out with us…

Just in case you haven’t heard, we have a Facebook Group with some amazing Creators (yes, that’s you!).

We have an upcoming ‘reboot’ of the group planned (along with too many other things on our to-do list! Fortunately, we love it all), so now is the time to get in.

Share your content, ask for feedback, see what other people are creating.

Remember, creativity loves company!

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