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Jurgen Strauss Innovabiz

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This podcast interview is long overdue (we recorded a few months ago) and I’m excited to finally share this with you.

I had the good fortune of connecting Jürgen Strauss a few years back through a mutual friend. Jürgen is one of those people who instantly makes you feel at ease and is a true pleasure to talk with. He also has a brilliant understanding of processes and systems, how to grow a team (through outsourcing), and how to scale a business with WordPress. Jürgen is a certified WP Elevation consultant and is also the founder of the Innovabuzz podcast (which I have had the good fortune of being a guest on).Jürgen Strauss

Questions I Asked Jürgen

  1. Can you share your background & business with the listeners?
  2. You’ve also got your podcast, the Innovabuzz podcast, can you share a little bit about the podcast and why you started it?
  3. What has the podcast done for your business?
  4. One of the many reasons I wanted to have you on the show was because I know you’ve got some amazing skills when it comes to systems & processes. How did you get into that?
  5. What are some of the things you see people afraid of doing or afraid to implement when it comes to creating processes & systems?
  6. For web development agencies, is there a common mistake people make?
  7. What’s coming for the rest of this year for you?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Jürgen went from chemistry to the internet
  • How he’s learned to build remote teams in China, Japan, Singapore, India, Europe, and North America while being based in Australia
  • How to focus on building strategic relationships and partnerships to grow remote teams
  • How they position their projects for long-term work with their clients
  • How his podcast was originally focused on innovation and has morphed into so much more (and what it’s done for his business)
  • How to connect with startups and get feedback and responses when using their tools
  • How to make sure your team understands the why behind the company and their tasks
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Where to Connect with Jürgen

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