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Kyle Gray the Story Engine

I was introduced to Kyle from my friend Tom Morkes (who I need to get on the podcast still, he’s brilliant at what he does and is a stellar connector) and responded like a little kid with who was just given a new puppy! Because my happy place is content and content creation, I wasKyle Gray thrilled to get to talk to Kyle who has a brilliant book and was also partly responsible for growing WP Curve with their content strategy (he took over for Dan Norris when Dan got too busy).

The more I dig into “all things content” the more my through processes shift. On one hand, I know there is a ton of value in creating a solid strategy for growing your business with content. On the flip side of that, there’s also a ton of value in simply documenting and sharing. No strategy, just creating based on what you’re doing and sharing.

This is why I was so excited to talk to Kyle.

I felt like I got to go behind-the-scenes with a master.

Kyle is the author of the amazing book, The Story Engine and founder of ConversionCake.

Questions I Asked Kyle

  1. Can you share your story of how you ended up with your online business and an author and expert on content marketing?
  2. How did you get the job as the content manager for WP Curve?
  3. Can you share the results from your content strategy for WP Curve?
  4. Let’s talk about The Story Engine. I love that you divided the book into 4 parts and then gave different approaches on how to use the book. Can you share what those 4 parts are?
  5. Why do you think so many people struggle with creating content?
  6. If you could recommend someone to ONE thing today for their content strategy what would that be?
  7. I know you don’t have a crystal ball, but where do you see things heading in terms of content?
  8. What channels & mediums would you recommend people pay attention to?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • How he created a system around creating more content for WP Curve when he brought on additional writers
  • Examples of what they included in their style guide
  • How focusing only on the data can hurt your content strategy
  • What the invisible value of content is
  • Why you shouldn’t work on content one idea at a time
  • Start with the core problem of your audience (and how to find it)
  • Why you should get on the phone with your best customers
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Where to Connect with Kyle

Website | Twitter | Book

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