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Today I have a very special guest on the show, he’s the first follow up interview with one of our guests!

Josh Haynam of Interact, a company that makes it easy to create quizzes as a lead magnet. It’s a unique and fun way to connect with your audience in a way they enjoy while getting those leads you want. I love all of those quizzes on Facebook (What Disney character am I? What’s my word of 2016? etc.) so to actually find a quiz where the result is lead generation is so awesome. Businesses are taking from the entertainment world in the sense that these things that have been working for say, Disney, Buzzfeed, and NY Times, you can then tweak these things so they relate to you and what you’re doing while you create fun and entertaining content that will get you those leads. Ex. “What’s your content marketing personality/superhero?”

Hayman talks about how they have a “Shaq rule” (named after Shaquille O’Neal) and he says that 75% of all content you create should be for entertainment, 15% should be to educate, and 10% should be to sell… which actually ends up being the perfect ratio for a quiz.

He also explains the significance of creating content, like a quiz, to use your own personal voice no matter how silly it may seem. Do you use funny/silly words or sayings? Use them! Humanizing your brand will keep you from sounding boring and will get people more interested and involved.

75% of all content you create should be for entertainment Click to Tweet

Businesses really aren’t the way they used to be.

We’re moving towards driving content through entertainment and then using that to gather the information that is more relevant to your business.

Josh team have done so and now help their customers figure out how to cost-effectively generate leads from social media.

It’s always been pretty hard to really know how to use all the different types of social media ads and it sort of ends up being a “test and spend,” “test and spend” situation for many people…

But, by using a tool like a quiz from Interact, one can easily use entertainment and fun to capitalize on social media content.

Whether or not it always converts, the engagement is huge.
The entertainment part of your content will make people more inclined to share it which will bring you more likes, shares, etc.

Humanizing your brand will keep you from sounding boring and will get people more interested and involved. Click to Tweet

Questions I Asked:

  • How did Interact come about?
  • How does Josh drive revenue through entertainment?
  • What types of quizzes besides personality quizzes do Josh and his team create?
  • What is Interact’s content strategy?
  • What has Interact’s journey looked like since we last talked a few years ago?

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s important to use your unique voice when creating content.
  • How exactly these quizzes result in lead generation.
  • How an entertaining quiz can be relevant to any type of business.
  • How to drive traffic to your site after creating a quiz.
  • What the optimal format for a quiz is.

Where to Connect with Josh

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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