Crawling Out From Under My Rock


O.K., I wasn’t exactly hiding under a rock this week, it just felt like it.

I don’t know if it’s the change in seasons (although it’s still not quite cool enough for me yet, upper 80’s today. At least it’s cooling off at night), or what’s going on in the world, but my energy has been severely lacking this week. I don’t tend to be one of those “YAY! it’s Friday!” people because I truly love what I’m doing, but I’m happy that I have nothing scheduled today.

I’m just going to dive into finishing my “Everything is Content” mini-course, enjoying my coffee, and listening to great podcasts.

And get back to my daily email. It’s fascinating to me how much I miss this (and how rusty I feel when I haven’t done it for a few days).

One thing I’ve been spending way more time doing is connecting and having conversations with people, and I’m not just referring to my podcast.

I decided earlier this week that I would start saying “yes” to more of these conversations if it felt right. More often than not, I’m really glad I had the conversation. Some may lead to potential business opportunities, others just leave me feeling full of possibility and hope because it reminds me there are so many amazing people in the world.

And now more than ever, we need to be reminded of that (if you haven’t seen the clip from the Ellen show this week, which aired on Tuesday, I posted it on my personal FB page. It might make you weepy, but they’ll be happy tears because of the amazing people she highlights in the montage. Everyday people doing extraordinary things).

I’m having a ton of fun being interviewed for other podcast shows as well. I had the good fortune of finally connecting with Gin McInneny of WP Elevation early this week (Gin has been the behind-the-scenes cog in the wheel that helps run everything). Gin & I have exchanged plenty of emails over the years and it was super fun to finally connect (it was a video interview, so it was as close as we could get for now in terms of ‘in person’).

I had 3 podcast interviews this week and a couple connection calls. One may lead to a podcast sponsorship and partnership, the other was to connect before the podcast interview next week. Even though my energy was sort of lacking, all of these conversations lifted me up. I felt energized afterward and grateful for what I do.

I know you guys might be wondering what the status is of things after my email last week “The Future of The WordPress Chick – Part 1.”

I’m still not exactly sure. I don’t see anything happening this year and am leaning more towards a partnership. Someone who wants to do more of the WordPress specific content while I focus on the content and marketing side of things. Mind you, my answer next week could be entirely different.

Part of me is thinking “why the bucket are you sharing this publicly?”

The answer is that it’s helping me get clear. The more I talk through this, think about it, and evaluate my options, the clearer I become.

Regardless of where I land with all of this, I’m still going to “show up” and do my thing.

I recently had a blast “showing up” on the WP Builds podcast with Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley. Both awesome people who show up fully in the WordPress space. I’m grateful to have been asked to be on the show and fortunate to consider them friends.

Listen to “Being Awesome with WordPress Without Coding with Kim Doyal” here

Now I really need to get my second cup of coffee!

Have a fantastic Friday my friends! And thanks for being on this journey with

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