Creativity Published ~ No. 043

Do you ever feel like some of your marketing efforts have become tired and aren’t delivering results?

Of course, you can (and probably should), look at what’s going on with specific activities. But another option (or maybe an additional option), is to try something different.

Personally, I need to try new things every now and then. As much as I love what I do, part of what keeps the inspiration flowing is trying new things and seeing what sticks. 

The three marketing channels I’m sharing with you this week aren’t necessarily new channels, but they may be marketing channels you don’t use, haven’t tried, or simply aren’t consistent with.

It’s always good to look for additional traffic sources and see how the market responds.

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Happy creating!
Kim & Jodi

Things worth sharing…

Virtual Summit Mastery Podcast
This is a brand new podcast, but the host, Jan Koch, isn’t new to virtual summits. He’s been running successful virtual summits for a few years now (pre-pandemic when that was our only option). Listen to the first episode for practical tips on hosting a virtual summit.
Related: Book – The Virtual Summit Mastery Method

How to Push Through the ‘Wall of Struggle’ and Ship Your First Project 
I have yet to meet an entrepreneur who hasn’t at one time or another, struggled with imposter syndrome or simply getting their product shipped! Here’s how to get out of your own way and finally ship.
Book – Seth Godin’s “The Practice” – Shipping Creative Work

Being the First is Overrated, Be the Best Instead
“Being the first might give you a headstart. Being the best, however, is a strategic advantage.” In other words, it’s not too late. Focus on being better. 
This is why there’s no such thing as FOMO in Content Marketing

Better Together…

Creativity loves company! Tools to test and try…

    This used to be named something else (think it was StoryCreator?), but it’s still the same great product. Easily create stories for your content with templates, a built-in editor, and automatic subtitles.
  • SendFox
    SendFox is an email marketing platform from the team at AppSumo. I’m testing this with a new site for my journey moving to Costa Rica (through another site). Clean, easy to use, free for up to 1000 people, OR a lifetime deal for only 49 bucks! 
  • Gravitec
    Push notifications aren’t new, but they’re certainly worth trying. Better yet, what about testing how well they drive traffic for free? Gravitec has a free account with up to 10k subscribers. Try it for free today.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

– Maya Angelou

Until next time!

Happy Creating,

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