Courses & Workshops

Below are my current courses and workshops.

No matter what you're creating or selling online, you need a list of quality subscribers who love you and want to buy from you. There are plenty of different ways to grow your list... what's most important is that you start!

After 13 years online I can tell you the only thing I regret is not focusing on building my list and creating a solid email marketing strategy sooner.

Don't waste another minute letting your email list collect dust... get started today.

Email Marketing Sessions

Email Marketing Sessions

How many times have you heard the cheesy "bro-marketing" phrase, "the money is in the list?" Too many times to count, right? Maybe that's what turned you off from putting more energy into building your email list... and then emailing them regularly. Learn how to send quality emails that get opened and convert.

Launch A Newsletter


Creating and launching a newsletter is one of the best things you can do for your business! Not only is it a ton of fun (yes, you can make this fun), but you can grow a list of quality subscribers who are hungry to hear from you and look forward to seeing your name in their inbox. Sign up below to get notified of the first LIVE workshop!

Leads to Sales

Leads to sales

Leads to Sales is a BRAND NEW live workshop! Now that you know how to attract quality subscribers and are emailing them regularly, it's time to create an automation that makes an offer and actually sells something to your list! When you provide value and solve a problem for people making the offer is easy.

List Explosion

List Explosion

If you're looking to build a list of quality, targeted subscribers, then it's time to get serious about what you're doing and decide to over-deliver with a free course. Forget the same old tired lead magnets, create something that actually HELPS people! This 6-part course will show you exactly how to create a free course to explode your list.