ConvertKit is A Game Changer & Where Things Are Headed


There’s nothing like getting validation for a decision you’ve made… especially after all is said and done.

Before I get into the validation I received that stroked my ego this morning (who doesn’t like feeling like they saw the writing on the wall, right? Just being honest), I want to talk about where things are heading.

And this applies to everyone.

I’m going on record with my crystal ball this morning and making a prediction. No matter what you do with your content and marketing, you’re going to have to start personalizing it.

We’re shifting to the quality of the people we build relationships with as opposed to the quantity. Big lists, large followings, likes, etc. won’t be nearly as important as an engaged list, engaged followers, and conversations.

When I say “we’re shifting” I mean the collective ‘we’… because I know you guys have always been about quality 😉 .

Our online space is maturing. We love our technology but we miss the connections. We crave real relationships, inspiration, and projects that get us excited to get up and get back at it every day.

What does this mean for you?

A lot.

The first thing I would do is assess where you are. There’s no way to know what needs to be done if you don’t know where you are.

Start by looking at the following:

  • How often are you communicating with your subscribers
  • Are you tagging, segmenting, etc.
  • What social channels are you active on?
  • Do your social profiles need an update? (my Linkedin is in desperate need of an update)
  • What content are you producing?
  • Where are you publishing your content?
  • What do you have for sale? How can people do business with you?

This is obviously the broad overview, but it’s a starting place. And all of this will be a work in progress (I’m thinking this might be a good challenge to do in my Content Creators group… hmm…).

Once you’ve done your assessment, decide what you can accomplish first and fastest. There’s power in getting something accomplished and moving in a new direction. For me, updating my Linkedin profile won’t take very long and I’ll be glad that I did it (not that I have a strategy to Linkedin right now, but I think it will be powerful for LeadSurveys).

The other thing I would do right away is decide what ONE thing can be done to move towards a personalized marketing approach.

Sending welcome videos? Personal messages on Facebook? Hopping on a call?

Just pick one thing and commit to doing it for 30 days.

O.K., now that that’s out of the way, let’s jump into the ‘game changer’ and validation I received this morning.

I mentioned earlier this week that I had made the move to ConvertKit (and yes, I am still giddy about it). Well, today founder Nathan Barry shared a post on Medium that they have a new WordPress plugin that will allow you to add a tag to a subscriber based on whatever page they visit on your site!

This will then kick off an automation based on visiting that page.

I know that other tools can do this, but this is done right in the page in your editor:

ConvertKit plugin

LOVE this!

No more copying and pasting scripts.

It’s as easy as selecting something from a drop-down menu.

Mind you, you still have to create the automations, but the key word here is automation. Having email sequences go out based on someone simply visiting a page on your site is automation at it’s finest.

So yes, this plugin for WordPress completely validated my decision to move to ConvertKit. As did the ease in which I’ve created 6 automations in less time that it took to create one on other platforms.

Checkout ConvertKit here

Now I’ve got to finish a couple automations myself.

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