Conversations with ChatGPT

Are you tired of all the hype around ChatGPT and AI?
You've tried it yourself, and it's fallen flat...

you just don't get how people are making it work!

You're not alone in feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the ChatGPT and AI hype. It seems like everyone is raving about it, but when you try it yourself,
the results just don't live up to the expectations.

You've invested in prompt packs, hoping to find the "secret sauce," but still can't figure out how to effectively implement AI in your own business (at least not in a way that sounds like YOU).

This LIVE workshop is going to change all that!

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Master the Art of AI Conversations 

Boost Your Business and Enjoy the Journey!

  • Learn the essentials of understanding and using ChatGPT Effectively (it's NOT just prompts!)
  • Discover the common mistakes people make and how to avoid them
  • How to "tune out" the bro marketers and prompt factories!
  • Apply ChatGPT to enhance your business and achieve your goals!

Hi, I'm Kim Doyal

After 15 years online, creating content for my personal brand and e-commerce - I was curious about AI the minute I could use it. It wasn't until ChatGPT came along that I was able to really get the power & magic behind the conversational ability of AI!

As an experienced ChatGPT user and passionate AI advocate, I have personally seen the power of effective conversations and helped numerous individuals unlock their AI potential! Now, I'm ready to share my knowledge and expertise with more people.

What you’ll Get:

Chat GPT Foundations

Master the fundamentals of ChatGPT, diving into its features and capabilities. You'll be equipped with the knowledge to confidently harness the power of AI.

Pitfall Prevention

Uncover the common mistakes made by bro marketers and learn how to avoid these traps. By steering clear of these errors, you'll optimize your AI usage and stay ahead of the competition.

Personalized AI Expression

Learn how to infuse ChatGPT with your unique voice and personality. By mastering the art of personalization, you'll create authentic, engaging interactions that resonate with your audience.

The Art of AI

Unlock the secrets of engaging conversations with ChatGPT. You'll learn the techniques to transform your AI interactions, ensuring you get the most out of your ChatGPT experience.

Creative Exploration

Explore the fun and innovative side of ChatGPT as you delve into its creative potential. You'll be inspired to use AI for personal enjoyment and to spark imaginative ideas.

AI Project Vault

Custom Notion template to streamline and organize all your ChatGPT projects in one place This powerful tool will help you easily manage your AI-generated content, track your progress.

Here’s what people are saying...

Workshop testimonials

You nailed down more in 90 minutes than I've been able to in 90 days. 

I've been up since 4:30 this morning. That's actually normal for me but I've knocked out more content for myself AND a few clients today than I usually do a week.

ChatGPT is PURE GOLD, but honestly, without your rock star guidance, it was just a "cooler than most" new tool. 

I came to the call with high expectations. I knew it would be time and money well spent but it didn't take me long to realize this girl didn't have a CLUE...

I expected to learn some new ways to use ChatGPT to grow my business but girl... I left with SO much more!

I can't thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and your energy. I was already stoked about my project but every time I sat down to pull my ideas together I would get caught up hopping from one rabbit hole to another trying to connect the dots between different content pieces. Every step I took seemed to lead to something that had to be done before I move forward. You nailed down more in 90 minutes than I've been able to in 90 days.

If anyone is on the fence about booking a call let me just say, this is, without a doubt, the best money I've invested in the last 5 years!

I showed up with lists and ideas. I left with:

  • Content for a landing page
  • Follow-up email series
  • AT LEAST 10 fresh ideas for additional content and bonus offers. INCOME GENERATING bonus offers. YES!
  • A PHD in ChatGPT

But the real gold was watching you do your thing. You didn't feed me for a day. You taught me to fish. 

You didn't just pop my ideas into ChatGPT and wait to see what it spits out. You connected with me and expanded on my ideas. The results would not have been the same without your marketing genius and creative energy. 

Thank you for sharing your "SPARK"! You've reignited the fire in my business and I can't wait to see how far it spreads. ;)

Rebecca Havard

You've left me feeling energized!

While working with you during an AI coaching session, I could not stop smiling! Your support in unpacking how AI can support ideation, copy writing, outlining and so much more has left me energized! I felt like I was barely treading water before but you showed me how AI can make the demands of my online business not only manageable, but fun again! Thank you!

Michelle Muncy-Silva
MIchelle Muncy-silva
Travel with Intention - Consultant & Coach

This was a miracle for me!

Thanks Kim - this was a miracle for me - I just realized that one way using ChatGPT the way you taught me will help me interrupt my "edit while I write" brain. That habit makes me a very slow writer. 

Now, with what you generated I can dig in and just edit that!

Nancy Gruver
Founder - New Moon Girls

It was like a brainstorming session on steroids!

Oh my goodness, working with Kim was an absolute blast! I am in the midst of a major business pivot and was feeling completely lost in the creative research phase. But after our session, I had a roadmap with some great prompts and advice that was totally tailored to my unique vibe and style.

I mean seriously, in just one hour, Kim helped me craft prompts and actions that saved me tons of time and stress and helped me unlock my creativity and generate more ideas than I thought possible. It was like a brainstorming session on steroids!

If you're on the fence about working with prompts and AI, trust me when I say that Kim has it going, makes the process fun and engaging. Don't waste another minute feeling stuck - reach out to Kim and see for yourself.

Lee Drozak
Consultant & Web Designer

My session with Kim was amazing and game-changing for me! 

My session with Kim was amazing and game-changing for me! She showed me how to further unlock the true potential of ChatGPT. With her ingenious frameworks, we delved deeper and unleashed a treasure trove of insights, content, product ideas, and even enticing lead magnets. Finally, we engineered a strategic roadmap for transforming my business vision into reality.

Kim's enthusiasm was contagious, making the experience both engaging and fun! Though I considered myself a proficient ChatGPT user, Kim introduced me to innovative and in-depth techniques to optimize and expand its potential. With this enriched understanding, I'm all set to reach new heights in my ChatGPT expertise. And, of course, to implement the business idea we worked on! Thanks Kim!

Jurgen Strauss
Jürgen Struass
Marketing & Podcast Consultant

Master the Art of AI Conversations


This is the LOWEST this workshop will ever be! 

By joining this workshop,  I'm confident that you'll walk away with a whole new understanding of engaging in effective conversations with ChatGPT, which will revolutionize how
you use AI in your daily operations.

Not only will you learn invaluable techniques and strategies, but you're also in

for a fun and engaging experience. I believe that learning should be enjoyable, and 
I've designed this workshop to reflect that.

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey to AI success!

Workshop BONUSES!!!

Chat Starters E-book & Your Guide to Common Terms

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I'm so confident in the value of this workshop that we're offering a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the content or results, just let us know and we'll refund your payment – no questions asked.

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