Content & Sales Live Stream [VIDEO]

I finally did it! No, not talking about Content and Sales

I bit the bullet and did my first Facebook Live Stream!


It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise when I say I’m hooked. It was a great way to engage with people, I had a ton of fun, and now it’s time to dig a little deeper with live streaming.

My take aways from my first live stream

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  • It was way more fun than I expected
  • I probably need to slow down a bit
  • I was standing for this one, I might sit down to avoid so much movement
  • I had a general idea of what I was going to talk about, but think I might bullet point a few more ideas next time
  • I want to do “Conversations with Kim” as an additional type of podcast (under The WPChick podcast), so will start those in April
  • Testing a call to action is going to be key
  • Keeping it casual is fine


There’s no doubt that video and live streaming are here to stay. While I don’t want to be an expert in live streaming (it’s not something I’ll be teaching or offering courses on anytime soon), I want to get the most leverage when I do them.

A few simple things that I’ll do with every live stream:

  1. Create a blog post (like this 😉 ). I’m using Hani Mourra’s Simple Social Press. It automatically pulls the video into my site as a post under my select category (there are more options for the plugin, but I’ll do a separate post on that)
  2. Repurpose the video using (another tool from Hani Mourra… what can I say, I love Hani’s stuff) by sending the video to YouTube as well
  3. Create social sharing images with quotes from the live stream
  4. Add my live stream posts into CoSchedule ReQueue so they are consistently being shared

Download the Content Upgrade 

There will definitely be a better plan than what I’ve listed above, this is what is top of mind after jumping in yesterday.

As much as I love having a strategy and plan, I’ve learned that it has to be worked through. It would be great if I had a master plan prior to live streaming –  but for me, clarity comes through the doing. It’s only going to be after I’ve done a few live shows that I’ll start to get a feel for the tools I’m using, how I best engage with people, how often I want to do a live stream with someone else, and which topics resonate most with my audience.


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