Clammr for Content & Podcasting – Interview with Parviz Parvizi WPCP: 077

Today I have Parviz Parvizi, one of the founders of Clammr on the show.

After meeting in law school, Parviz and his co-founder David were both admitted ‘slow readers’ so they were always big audio users.  After completing college they both got blue-chip jobs to pay down some of their school debt – one in consulting and the other in banking.  Parviz and David always knew they wanted to work together so they were always throwing around ideas, and many of these ideas were shared via audio.  During this process, they both became frustrated with how clunky it was to share that ‘golden nugget’ in an audio file with each other.  From that challenge came the idea and creation of this amazing tool called Clammr!

And you know what –  it’s totally FREE!

Questions I Asked Parviz:

  • What is Clammr?
  • Tell us the thought process behind redirecting the audio snippet to a link and what is the value in it?
  • If you were launching a new podcast today, how would you use Clammr to drive traffic?
  • What is the value of using this amazing tool on Social Media?

What You’re Going to Learn:

  • Some new opportunities for podcasters
  • Interesting ways people have used Clammr
  • What’s on the horizon – what’s coming next
  • Parviz’ experience and advice with launching a software company

Where to Connect with Parviz

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Private FB Group

Register for Webinar

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