2021 year in review

A Look Back on 2021 and Plans for 2022 FTH: 082

By Kim Doyal / January 5, 2022 /

Looking back on 2021 is going to be interesting! Surprisingly, I’m excited to do this year in review episode and share what’s on the horizon for 2022. In addition to the world just being a little topsy-turvy, I’ve had some major changes in my life this year. I also decided I may start doing something…

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What if Frustration Was Just an Indicator? 3 Ways to Dig Deeper FTH: 081

By Kim Doyal / December 15, 2021 /

Frustration is a funny word. It means a lot of different things to different people, even though it has one definition. My therapist had a great definition of frustration: Frustration is simply attempting to control something over which we have no control. For the sake of this episode, we’re going to focus strictly on what…

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FtheHUSTLE Podcast

Email Marketing: It’s Never Too Late to Start : FTH ~ 080

By Kim Doyal / December 8, 2021 /

The more people I talk to about email marketing, the more excited I become. Email marketing is the holy grail of online business. (Stay tuned for an in-depth post with that title 😉). I’m halfway through my second cohort of Email Insiders VIP and even with only running this twice I see the patterns and…

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