Top 5 Tools to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Marketing Machine

By Kim Doyal / July 19, 2017 /

*this is a sponsored post* Bare-bones WordPress works, but a marketing machine it is not. Jo Public sees hundreds of web pages every day, so you need to make yours stand out. You need tools that will make visitors remember and trust you. You need to market yourself as respectable in every aspect of your…

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Live with Matt Medeiros: Check out the Conductor Plugin [VIDEO]

By Kim Doyal / June 12, 2017 /

Live with Matt Medeiros: Check out the Conductor Plugin This was an in-depth training live stream (the first of many I hope) with Matt Medeiros of the “Matt Report” podcast. Matt is the creator of the Conductor plugin. If you’re not familiar with Conductor, it’s ideal for content creators who want to format and style…

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It Costs What It Costs – WordPress Pricing Needs to Change

By Kim Doyal / May 2, 2017 /

The WordPress space can be a bit of a conundrum at times. On one hand, you have a very passionate community. Enthusiasts for this piece of software that’s free (which in and of itself is pretty amazing); contributors, teachers, developers, bloggers, marketers, designers, and hobbyists. On the other hand, you have a ton of people…

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