Always Belong To and Believe in Yourself FIRST

By Kim Doyal / June 12, 2022 /

It’s another gray and rainy morning in Costa Rica (still 82 degrees 😉) and I’m happy at my desk with coffee and a list of things to do to get ahead of my week. As much as I miss the blue skies, the rain makes Costa Rica explode with vegetation… and it’s beautiful. 🌴🌺 It’s also great…

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hard things

Who You Become Doing the Hard Things

By Kim Doyal / June 7, 2022 /

After feeling rusty about getting back into work yesterday I had a rather productive day, which was a great reminder about what happens when we just START. And a quick shout out to Alex Smith who shared something funny with me in terms of what he does to make the “switch” when his thoughts take…

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