Lead Generation


What if You Could “Swap” to Build Your Audience? 🤔

By Kim Doyal / April 6, 2022 /

There’s something missing in the digital marketing space. Back when I was getting started (14 years ago), it definitely felt like what I imagined the “wild west” felt like. And at the speed at which tech moves it seems like there’s always something new and exciting to test and try. However, at the end of…

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Lead Generation Plugin I’m LOVING

By Kim Doyal / June 29, 2018 /

Well, here we are. The last week in June. We will officially be halfway through the year by next week. Even though I can’t believe how quickly the year is going, I feel good about what I’ve accomplished the first half of the year and have never felt more clear about what I’m doing and…

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If You Want To Play Here, You Must Go Away

By Kim Doyal / April 25, 2017 /

That sounds so harsh when I say it out loud or read it. “If you want to play here, you must go away.” But you would have had to have known my grandfather to know that this was just his funny sense of humor (this was my dad’s dad. He was often told he reminded…

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