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moving to costa rica

It’s Official… I’m Moving to Costa Rica

By Kim Doyal / March 10, 2021 /

Well, it’s official. I signed a contract and put a deposit down on a place in Costa Rica, starting June 1st. Holy moly. As excited as I am about this next chapter, I promise I won’t be flooding your inbox with stories of my experience (there will be a few, but I’ll do my best…

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what if

What if it were easy (and better yet, fun?)

By Kim Doyal / February 23, 2021 /

There’s something about getting older that makes you look at life in a totally different way. When I was in my 30’s, working full time at a job, and raising my kids I always felt like I had to maximize every minute of the day. It’s a little nuts when I look back at it.…

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friday find

Friday find & My little punk

By Kim Doyal / February 19, 2021 /

Happy Friday , One of my dogs is such a little punk.  Since my two dogs are the source of much of my entertainment these days, they probably amuse me more than they should. Yesterday when I went to the grocery store I picked up a couple of “good bones” for them (the kind that…

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