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White Space Isn’t Just For Web Pages

white space

I had a conversation with my friend Maritza this weekend and she said something kind of ‘off the cuff’ as we were talking and I realized that it’s applicable in all areas of my life. We were testing her live streaming software (early Saturday morning, where I looked like I had just rolled out of…

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Generate Press + Elementor = Design Happiness


There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a professional graphic designer. So much so in fact that I was an art major for a while (I was sort of the Cal State transfer student… I literally went to 3 different California State Universities, San Jose was my favorite of the…

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They Always F*ck You At The Drive-thru

Lethal Weapon 3

*image property of Warner Bros. studio* I’m totally dating myself with that movie line (“they always f*ck you at the drive-thru”), but I couldn’t resist. Anyone else misses Joe Pesci from the big screen? This goes way back to Lethal Weapon 3… when they ordered food at a drive-thru, get on the road and realize…

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