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Funnel Me This… Funnel Packs are here!


  Bear with me, after my ‘Oh for funnels sake’ headline all of a sudden I feel this need to come up with kitschy headlines when I write about funnels. This could be an interesting series. šŸ˜‰ I feel like a true geek when it comes to funnels. Not because I’m a master of them,…

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Nobody Cares What You DON’T Do (take note non-GOT fans)

Game of Thrones

*image property of HBO* I have a confession to make. I have never once felt the need to declare to the world that IĀ don’tĀ watch a particular television show. Or, for that matter, to make declarations about anything else IĀ don’tĀ do. For some reason, non-GOT fans are wearing the “I’ve never watched an episode of Game of…

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The Magic Phrase for ALL Businesses

magic phrase

O.K., I can’t resist. I have to start this off with a weather report (this one is for you Kyle Van Deusen). Fortunately, I won’t be complaining about the weather because it’sĀ beautiful outside. There are bright blue skies and it’s supposed to be over 80 degrees today. It’s amazing how something as simple as blue…

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