Content Creation

Lethal Weapon 3

They Always F*ck You At The Drive-thru

By Kim Doyal / September 19, 2018 /

*image property of Warner Bros. studio* I’m totally dating myself with that movie line (“they always f*ck you at the drive-thru”), but I couldn’t resist. Anyone else misses Joe Pesci from the big screen? This goes way back to Lethal Weapon 3… when they ordered food at a drive-thru, get on the road and realize…

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Finding Inspiration for Your Content

By Kim Doyal / April 26, 2018 /

Where do you find inspiration for your content? I get this question all the time one as one of the pre-qualifying questions we ask in our Content Creators  Facebook Group. There are a few different variations of this question, but the bottom line is people get stuck on where to come up with ideas or inspiration…

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Are You Afraid to Create Content?

By Kim Doyal / March 15, 2018 /

I’m sitting here listening to an episode of ‘Impact Theory’ with Tom Bilyeu. He’s interviewing Seth Godin… I never tire of listening to Seth Godin. Not only is he a prolific writer, he’s all about living life beyond the status quo. Sometimes we need those reminders. As an entrepreneur, we have to deal with our…

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