NEW Software: Your Own Virtual Office with

By Kim Doyal / August 14, 2021 /

Originally created out of a need of their own, Vito Peleg and his team developed an amazing new platform where you can create your own virtual office. They built this last year when the world was on lockdown and they wanted to host their own virtual event. Instead of using what everyone else was using,…

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3 Years Later: Our Journey to Version 2 of the Content Creators Planner

By Kim Doyal / August 7, 2021 /

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”– Victor Hugo That’s how things felt with the Content Creators Planner from day 1. That’s not to say that it wasn’t without challenges (because holy moly did we have challenges), but I think it’s safe to speak for both Jodi and myself that we…

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Success Online Will Always Come Down to 3 Things

By Kim Doyal / July 30, 2021 /

Success online is certainly subjective. One person may want to simply turn their hobby into something that helps cover a car payment while another wants to scale a business to multiple 7 figures. Regardless of what you want, it really boils down to three simple things. There are moving pieces and different elements to each…

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