trade places

Would You Trade Places With Them?

By Kim Doyal / July 18, 2023 /

Years ago, when I was first starting to do “work” with my therapist (as opposed to grief counseling, which is why I started going to her in the first place),…

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stay the course

Challenging Myself to Stay the Course & Redefining Freedom

By Kim Doyal / July 10, 2023 /

When I decided to move to Costa Rica in 2021, it was probably one of the easiest decisions I had ever made. And a decision I made very quickly. At…

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what would you do

What Would You Do? 🤔

By Kim Doyal / June 27, 2023 /

Have you ever followed or subscribed to an email list/person for a while, got off their list, and then somehow ended up back on your radar? Next thing you know,…

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