Catching Up With Dan Norris WPCP: 159


When I looked back to the first time I had Dan Norris on the podcast I was floored to see that it was almost 100 episodes ago!

Dan as always has been busy creating, producing content,  and even launching a brewery!

I had a ton of questions for Dan about Black Hops as well as the sale of WP Curve his books, and the fun project he launched for explainer videos, BoredAF ( I told you he’s been busy). At the time of this recording, Dan and his partners with Black Hops Brewing had just hit a milestone revenue mark which was pretty exciting (he was pretty generous with sharing numbers when he could, which I kind of put him on the spot a few times, unintentionally. Sorry Dan!).

Of course, I had to pick his brain about content creation. Having gotten sidetracked a couple years ago with the mastermind I was in, you guys know I’ve come full circle back to working on (and mastering) the fundamentals. Content is a huge part of the fundamentals for me and Dan’s book, Content Machine, was pivotal for me.

Questions I Asked Dan

  1. How has opening a brick & mortar business been for you? (Black Hops has brewery you can go to as well as finding the beer in other local pubs & stores)
  2. Your books Content Machine and Create or Hate were game changers for me. What are your thoughts when people say they’re not good at creating content?
  3. How did your third book, Create or Hate come about?
  4. What can you share about the sale of WPCurve to GoDaddy?
  5. You’ve also been very transparent about the challenges you’ve dealt with to get to where you are (when you discussed getting kicked out of University and not making money with your agency). What are your thoughts about people being hesitant to share the struggles?
  6. How do you balance everything?
  7. What are your thoughts on focusing on “one thing?”
  8. Let’s talk about Bored AF. I’m assuming the name came out of you wanting something new to work on, how’s that going?
  9. What are your thoughts on Medium?
  10. What’s in store for you next?
[clickToTweet tweet=”We literally started from scratch trying to figure out how to build this brewery. @thedannorris” quote=”We started literally from scratch trying to figure out how to build this brewery. @thedannorris” theme=”style6″] [spacer]

What You’re Going to Learn

  • Where the idea for Black Hops came from
  • How they created a unique beer for a video game (major release)
  • The next step in growing and expanding the brewery and their beers
  • The roll his books play in his overall business plan
  • How the sale of WPCurve to GoDaddy happened (and what he could legally share with us)
  • Dan’s thoughts on repurposing content (hint: he’s not a fan)
  • What he’s focusing on now
[spacer] [clickToTweet tweet=”A lot of marketing doesn’t excite me. It actually kind of pissed me off. @thedannorris” quote=”A lot of marketing doesn’t excite me. It actually kind of pisses me off. @thedannorris” theme=”style6″] [spacer]

Where to Connect with Dan

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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