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For today’s podcast, I have Brandon Yanofsky with me! Brandon is building an amazing presence in the WordPress community. He is currently working on My WP Expert and WP Radius. He’s in forums, answering questions and helping solve people’s problems as much as he possibly can. He also goes to meetups, speaks at events, networks with people, and writes guest posts.

Before WP Expert and WP Radius, Brandon’s first business was in college and it was a clothing company. He realized he needed a website for his business so he played around with some website builders. Someone recommended WordPress to him and he really liked it! He got the hang of it and started helping others with the site online.

Questions I asked Brandon:

1) Your background? What were you doing before you launched WP Expert? What got you here?

2) Is WP Expert all your running from that site?

3) Is WP Radius a similar support model?

4) What were some of the struggles and challenges you had when stepping into this and starting your own business?

5) How did you go about creating a name of yourself?

6) What are your thoughts on “online business is easy”?

7) What would you recommend to someone to help them find out where their clients are?

8) What are some of your best tips on Lead Generation and list building?

9) What are the top 3 things that you’d tell someone with a WordPress site them they should be doing in order to drive business to their site?

10) What are your thoughts on investing in your (online) business?

11) What are your thoughts on opportunities in the WP base? What do you see are some great business opportunities in WordPress?

12) What is in store for WP expert and WP radius?

13) Is there anything fun about yourself that maybe people don’t know?  

Brandon explained how building relationships is key. Find your audience and clients, and reach out to them. Learn about them to understand what they like. Think about what you can give them and what they actually want!

What You’re Going to Learn

1) How building relationships play a big part in an online business

2) How creating and sustaining an online business isn’t as easy as everyone thinks

3) How to find your audience and customers

4) Some of the best strategies for your website

5) How reading the 4 Hour Work book will help you understand time worth

[tweet_box]”If it makes it cheaper, easier, faster then definitely invest in it.”- Brandon Yanofsky[/tweet_box]

Where to connect with Brandon

Website: My WP Expert – WP Radius –  Twitter

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  1. I’m gonna have to listen to this on my way home later, I’m curious to hear his answers to some of the questions you brought up.

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