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Brandon Lewin

Brandon Lewin.

So much to say… so little time! 🙂

I had the good fortune of connecting with Brandon about a year and a half ago. He reached out to me via social media, we ended up on a Skype call and periodically stayed in touch. We reconnected when I did my first Periscope and I mentioned on that broadcast that I was looking for someone to help me with SEO, backlinks, site optimization, etc. Next thing I knew we were on another Skype call setting up a mutually beneficial business arrangement. I would coach him and he would manage that stuff for me.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Not only because Brandon is brilliant at what he does, but because he’s just a great guy and someone I’m honored to consider a friend.

I’ve referred to Brandon as my ‘secret weapon’ (on multiple occasions), because he’s really helped me shift my content strategy and use of keywords. Now my challenge is simply getting clear on exactly what it is I want to be doing with my business, but we’ll save that for another episode. Brandon made a big decision to move his family from Chicago to Austin, TX (yea… he was a little tired of the snow) and has taken massive action connecting and reaching out with other entrepreneurs (something I tend to stay away from where I live… I might head over to San Francisco once in a blue moon, but not often).

Not only is Brandon great at what he does (writing, conversions, SEO & strategy), he’s a genuine connector. Someone who truly enjoys connecting other people (which makes it super easy to want to make connections for him as well).

Questions I Asked Brandon:

  1. Before starting your current business, can you let the listeners know what you were doing and how you decided to venture out on your own?
  2. Can you share with the listeners what your current business is
  3. You work with both online & offline businesses, so this might be a two-part answer. Is there a common mistake you see people making when it comes to SEO or their SEO strategy? (beyond not having one)
  4. Let’s talk a little about content & SEO. We both know people who spend a LOT on paid traffic, but don’t see the value in content. What’s your take on this?
  5. Where would you start with someone who had an online business but wasn’t getting the results they wanted (or any results at all)?
  6. Can you give us one strategy that people can start implementing today that will set them on the right path?
  7. How can people work with you?
  8. What’s on the horizon for you?
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What You’re Going to Learn:

  1. How getting laid off was the best thing that could have happened
  2. Why I decided to move my family to Austin, TX from Chicago
  3. How he realized he was stuck in the time for money trap
  4. Why Brandon considers Austin the “mecca” of internet marketing
  5. Why SEO isn’t just about looking at Google Analytics
  6. How you can take the data and drive it back to ‘what the problem’ is
  7. How you can identify ‘low hanging fruit’ on your blog and monetize it (or get better results)
  8. The role content should play in your marketing strategy
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Where to Connect with Brandon

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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  1. Hi Kim, great podcast with Brandon Lewin, good advice communicated well. Sometimes SEO can be made very daunting and you both did a great job in explaining the practical steps you can take to improve your organic ranking. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Sophie,
      Thanks so much. Brandon does a great job of making SEO understandble (and interesting!). I actually enjoy it when I’m working with him.
      🙂 Kim

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