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I’m going to let you in on a personal little secret of mine… something I’ve discovered about myself in the last 12 months.

It’s what tells me that I’m onto something really good and I should pursue it.


It’s when the idea or thing that I’m feeling inspired to do, create or pursue makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning!!!

That ridiculous, unfiltered, pure excitement that you just can’t contain and feel like you’re ready to bounce out of your own skin (if only we all had Tigger’s skills…I would be a bouncin’ fool!).

The more ‘work’ I’ve done on myself the last few years the more I realized that in order to grow and move forward in my personal life and business life (although for me I don’t know how much of a division there is) that I needed to allow myself to really FEEL what I was feeling. That meant that when something didn’t go as I had hoped that it was o.k. to be disappointed. It was o.k. to say “that sucked” and to take some time for myself to get out of my head. When I allow myself to acknowledge this I usually move more quickly through whatever funk I’m in or feeling.

Here’s the kicker.

The same is true when GOOD things happen!

It’s SOOOOO vitally important to celebrate the wins. Honestly and purely. And nothing feels quite as sweet as when I simply feel the joy and excitement about the wonderful things that show up in my life.

Like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Yep, that happy.

Which brings me to my interview with the brilliant Victoria Prozan.

Victoria Prozan

I was introduced to Victoria via @andyghayes after I interviewed him for the podcast and he mentioned that he had hired someone to help him with the naming of another business/website of his. Andy sent an email introduction but of course as soon as our interview was over I went over to her site and was HOOKED instantly!

I went through her bio, her testimonials, all of her site and followed up to the introduction from Andy immediately. As soon as I got off the phone with her (just a quick call to clarify a couple things) I signed up for her Superluxe Naming Experience right away (keep in mind I did that a few days before a trip to Scotland thinking I would do the homework on the plane ,which I didn’t… 😉  And just as an FYI, she’s making some changes to what she offers and doesn’t have the Superluxe Naming experience up on her site right now, but you can sign up for her ‘Creative Ambrosia’).

I absolutely LOVED the process that Victoria used for our session together too! It was such a testament to having an online business, doing what you love and working with the right people.

Once I signed up for the Superluxe Naming Experience I was sent a PDF (35+ Pages), 6 audios and a shared Google doc where I needed to put the answers to my exercises (from the PDF & audios) and then we would have on 90 minute session where she would help me name what I wanted to name (which ended up being for the new brand & site,



The exercises were definitely work, but for anyone who has a creative bent it was more fun than anything else.  It was really more about giving myself permission to take the time for myself to do the exercises so I could start off the new site and brand exactly as I wanted- with absolute clarity & alignment.

O.K., enough rambling on my part!
Listen to the interview and be sure to check out Victoria Prozan… she’s amazingly talented, super fun and just brilliant at what she does.

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