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Troy Dean

I knew after doing the last episode where I shared the Mavericks event I attended in Santa Monica that I wanted to go deeper with Troy Dean on the growth of WP Elevation and the launch of Mavericks. I’ve known Troy for a while now (I’m thinking 5-6 years?) and watching the growth of what they’ve created has been inspiring.Troy Dean

But I know it wasn’t without struggles and challenges along the way, which is what I wanted to talk about (and of course the wins too).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Troy, he’s Co-founder of the company WP Elevation. Troy started out in this space with a niche website (coffee machines! Who knew!) after taking the 30-day Challenge (anyone else remembers that? I did a few of those back in the day) with Ed Dale. After realizing he wasn’t passionate about coffee machines he sold that website (for a whopping $60) and was hooked.

He started doing websites (which seems to be an entry point for a lot of people online), created a WordPress plugin called “Video User Manuals” and ended up with the premier training for WordPress consultants and web agencies.

Fast forward to today and WP Elevation is a multiple 7-figure business and they’ve added Mavericks Club.

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Questions I Asked Troy

  1. Why he’s so obsessed with the ‘flight’ theme (hence the image in the post)
  2. Why they switched WP Elevation from a membership (initially) to a course model with a recurring membership on the backend
  3. What he’s learned from doing so many launches (and what he’d do differently)
  4. What would he do differently
  5. Who was his first online mentor
  6. How they came up with Mavericks Club
  7. How they launched Mavericks Club
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What You’re Going To Learn

  • What Troy did when he hit rock bottom
  • Why he would start with Mavericks Club first
  • How they’ve moved from the launch formula to an evergreen model
  • What the growing pains have been with scaling a company to 7-figures
  • What the long-term model is for the business and how Troy is creating leverage for himself
  • How the first event in San Diego went and how they’ve created a template for their events
  • How they ‘codify’ everything they do (systems and processes)

Where to Connect with Troy

WP Elevation | Podcast | Digital Mavericks FB Group

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