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Beaver Builder

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If you’ve ever wanted to hang with the guys from Beaver Builder, you’re going to love this episode!

I’m having a ton of fun doing these follow up interviews with previous guests and I feel like the team at Beaver Builder are old friends… (they’re simply awesome people…  in addition to their tool being an amazing page builder). We started the interview off by catching up a bit with what has happened sine our last interview (which was March 6, 2015… btw, I recorded this interview with the guys a couple months before we published).

The cool thing about the timing of this interview is that it’s right in line with some of the things I’ve discussed on my last two solo shows (where I discussed getting out of client services). If you haven’t listened to the first interview, you’re going to want to listen to that which will bring you up to speed on where things are today.

We caught up with some of the personal things happening with the guys… Billy and Justin have both moved into new houses a couple hours away from Robby, who is still in the South Bay.

A few months prior to this interview the guys made a decision to completely phase out of client services and focus solely on Beaver Builder. We talked about the transition, how they’ve supported their long-term clients during the transition and how long everything has taken. In April of 2016 Beaver Builder celebrated their two-year anniversary (and this is when they started completely transitioning out of client work… so for those of you who have a product or want to develop a product and get away from services, know that it’s going to be a process. It might not take you two years, but it will probably take longer than you think).

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What You’re Going to Learn

  • How the company has grown over the last two years
  • What goes into reaching a million dollars in sales
  • When they stopped client work
  • How the community has rallied around and supported Beaver Builder
  • How they decide which features to add and when
  • What the learning curve has been for them with marketing

Questions I asked

  • When did you transition out of client services?
  • What would you recommend to someone who wants to get into the product side of things (themes or plugins)?
  • Having a background in development & design, what was it like to start having to market yourselves?
  • Can you share a tangible marketing experience that worked and one that didn’t?
  • How much time to you guys spend doing the different tasks/elements of the business?
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This is truly a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to build a software company from idea, to minimum viable product to going full time with your product. They’ve added two full-time support people, 3 contract developers and a designer to the Beaver Builder family. I could not be happier for Justin, Billy & Robby with their well deserved success and growth of this amazing product!

If you haven’t checked out Beaver Builder, you’re going to want to.

It’s an amazing tool created by even more awesome people.

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