Be An Unlimiter – My Interview with Dallas Hardcastle WPCP: 108

Dallas Hardcastle

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Dallas and I connected about a year and a half ago through the same mastermind.

I knew right away that Dallas was ‘my kind of people’…. his energy is great, he’s super positive and probably one of the most giving people I’ve met in a while. His story is a bit of a ‘tears to triumph’ story in that like many of us, Dallas hit rock bottom before getting clear on what he really wanted to do with his business. I hadn’t heard Dallas’ entire story before this interview. I was honored that he shared it with me (us) and think you’re going to be inspired as well as interested in being an “Unlimiter” in your own life.

In the beginning of the interview Dallas & I talked about things we both learned through the mastermind together, the value we got and how we think things are shifting in that space.

Questions I Asked Dallas

  1. What were you doing before your current business?
  2. Can you share with the listeners what it is you do today?
  3. I know you had some personal struggles & challenges… can you share what that was and what has shifted for you?
  4. We all know mindset is important. What made you decide to focus on this?
  5. What are some of the challenges your clients face?
  6. What does it mean to be an ‘Unlimiter’?
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Through his journey, Dallas has created some rituals & daily routines. He has 8 things that he does every day and he shared those with me during our time together.

  • Resist the interruption of your left brain ( don’t let the analytical part of your brain analyze how you’re going to do what you’re going to do). Think more.. “what can I do”
  • Block out the distractions (more overwhelmed) -quiet your mind. Focus on ONE thing

  • Take & diversify different types of information (mentally rehearsing the days events)

  • Make time to exercise (physical exercise)

  • Exercise your imagination (take time out to do this)

  • Remain as relaxed as possible

  • Practice visualization

  • Become very detail oriented

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