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Oh… For Funnels Sake!


Last Sunday I woke up with all kinds of energy and had one of those super productive mornings. I had a great nights sleep, took the dogs for an hour long walk, went to the dumps (starting to purge and get rid of things) and even made a trip to Goodwill to drop off some…

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My Unintended Break & A Return to An Old Tool

unintended break

There must be some sort of universal law that applies to our lives when we make bold claims. Or something that happens subconsciously (that we do to ourselves) when we decide to own something. My guess is this is completely dictated by ego. (side note: I just got hit with a cartoon image of having…

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Behind the Scenes with Troy Dean – Going Deeper KDS: 033

Troy Dean

  I knew after doing the last episode where I shared the Mavericks event I attended in Santa Monica that I wanted to go deeper with Troy Dean on the growth of WP Elevation and the launch of Mavericks. I’ve known Troy for a while now (I’m thinking 5-6 years?) and watching the growth of…

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