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Scaling Your Webinar with Joel Erway KDS: 019

Joel Erway

I first heard Joel Erway speak on a live stream in the Funnelytics Facebook Group and he was talking about something I do and would like to get better at, which is webinars. During that live stream, I immediately commented to Joel that I would love to have him on the podcast, he said yes,…

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Growing A Digital Agency with Paul Lacey KDS: 018

Paul Lacey

Paul Lacey is one of those people that once you get to know him you feel like you’ve known him forever (or wish you had). I felt like I could have talked to Paul for hours, but since we’re a good 8 hours apart I thought it would be nice to let him enjoy the…

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Generate Press + Elementor = Design Happiness


There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a professional graphic designer. So much so in fact that I was an art major for a while (I was sort of the Cal State transfer student… I literally went to 3 different California State Universities, San Jose was my favorite of the…

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