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My First LIVE Retreat Done: Reflections & Future Events KDS: 120

By Kim Doyal / November 17, 2023 /

I did it! My First Live Retreat is in the books! It was everything I hoped for and some huge a-ha moments for me. I’m going to share how it…

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the SPARK Newsletter

✨ the SPARK 157 ~ Reframing & killing an entire market

By Kim Doyal / November 16, 2023 /

Welcome to the 157th issue of the SPARK. A weekly newsletter where inspiration meets real online strategies, behind-the-scenes stories, and a boatload of valuable resources.
Hi, Reader,
We spent hours pouring over Christmas catalogs as kids (I know I’m dating myself here).
The Sears catalog had to have been at least 2 inches thick.
We’d circle what we wanted; then, we’d prioritize what we really wanted.
To a certain extent, we probably had FOMO before FOMO existed.
Back then, we had…

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the SPARK Newsletter

✨ the SPARK 156 ~ Not a coincidence

By Kim Doyal / November 9, 2023 /

Hi, Reader,
On Monday, my flight from Costa Rica put me in Los Angeles by about 3 PM.
I had ordered a car to pick me up (LAX requires you to take a shuttle to get a UBER – and this was actually cheaper), so once I grabbed my bag from the luggage carousel, I was on my way.
It was about an hour’s drive to my daughters, then we had dinner, then I decided I was up for driving home… Northern California.
It was a six-hour drive, and even though it had been a long day, I knew I wanted to get home…

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