Kim Doyal

WPCP: 004 What I'd Do Different If I Were Starting My Business Today

By Kim Doyal / April 4, 2013 /

LOTS happening in today’s episode! I recently started private coaching with a new client (I’m coaching her) and had decided I would write up “What I’d Do Different if I Were Starting My Business Today” for her, then realized it would make a great topic for the next podcast episode and post. So here we…

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WPCP: 003 – The Business of Web Design

By Kim Doyal / March 29, 2013 /

This is “officially” the first interview for my podcast! I say “officially” because I had recorded another interview last fall but wasn’t ready to get the podcast going, so I’ll be re-recording an updated version of that interview for an upcoming podcast. Back to “The Business of Web Design” interview with Nina East. Nina and…

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WPCP: 002 – Relationships, Contemplation and What's coming for The WordPress Chick

By Kim Doyal / March 17, 2013 /

To say the last couple of weeks has been a wild ride would be an understatement, but it’s all been good. Definitely ups and downs, but fortunately the downs haven’t been bad. Just contemplative. I’ve been contemplating a lot about my business lately so I decided it would be a perfect topic for my next…

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