Kim Doyal

Stop Waiting for Permission

By Kim Doyal / July 16, 2013 /

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what gets in the way for people when it comes to creating content and writing blog posts. Of course once you start thinking about something it starts showing up everywhere (at least for me… maybe I need to think about huge wads of cash? 😉 ). Let me…

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WPCP 013: Bourn Creative – My Interview with Jennifer Bourn

By Kim Doyal / July 11, 2013 /

One of my favorite aspects of my podcast is the interviews I get to do! (what… did you think I was going to say something about how funny I think I am? 🙂 ) Even though I’m the one getting in touch with the interviewee it’s still fun when we finally connect on Skype for…

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WPCP 012: The BEST Advice I've Ever Received and How Not To Be An AssHat

By Kim Doyal / June 20, 2013 /

I have to start the show notes out with something that has become glaringly apparent to me and yes, I know it seems obvious, but there is such a difference between “getting something” and “understanding something”. The more I write and engage the easier it gets. I can’t seem to write a post that is…

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