Kim Doyal


I’m Curious… are You Still Using Facebook? 🤔

By Kim Doyal / January 12, 2022 /

At first, I thought it was simply because I was busier the last couple of months but then I’ve noticed similar comments from other people. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way so I thought I’d ask you (as well as share my general thoughts). How are you using Facebook these…

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2021 year in review

A Look Back on 2021 and Plans for 2022 FTH: 082

By Kim Doyal / January 5, 2022 /

Looking back on 2021 is going to be interesting! Surprisingly, I’m excited to do this year in review episode and share what’s on the horizon for 2022. In addition to the world just being a little topsy-turvy, I’ve had some major changes in my life this year. I also decided I may start doing something…

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FtheHUSTLE Newsletter

#FtheHUSTLE ~ 057 – Have You Heard of Sharon Weiss?

By Kim Doyal / December 30, 2021 /

Honestly, I can’t make this stuff up. This is one of those perfect instances where the internet wins… In case you missed it, a woman named Sharon Weiss burned her Thanksgiving pie… because she cooked torched it too long. And then blamed Marie Callender’s (maker of said pie). ​ The internet has taken this to a whole…

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