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Newsletters for Marketing & Growth with Josh Spector KDS: 041

Newsletters with Josh Spector

Newsletters for marketing and growth are on the rise. I wrote an article called ‘The Return of the Newsletter’ and truly contribute my interest in newsletters to today’s guest, Josh Spector. Josh Spector is who sent me down the rabbit hole when I found his newsletter titled “For the Interested” (we’ll get into that more…

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Allegra Sinclair & Non-Douchey Marketing, Part 2 – KDS: 040

Allegra Sinclair

Allegra Sinclair is back for part 2 of our conversation on non-douchey marketing. In case you missed the first episode, check out part 1 here (this was literally a two-hour recording, so we pick up where we left off from part 1). Confession time: I enjoyed listening to this as much as I enjoyed recording…

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