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I’m sitting here listening to an episode of ‘Impact Theory’ with Tom Bilyeu. He’s interviewing Seth Godin… I never tire of listening to Seth Godin. Not only is he a prolific writer, he’s all about living life beyond the status quo. Sometimes we need those reminders. As an entrepreneur, we have to deal with our fears every. single. day.

One thing Seth mentioned about fear in this interview was that it’s not about pushing through the fear, it’s about moving forward WITH the fear. The fear is a reminder or indicator that you’re on the right path.

And my favorite thing he said about moving forward with fear is that we can do it generously.

When we’re in fear of things it’s easy to pull back and want to protect ourselves, it’s a natural human instinct.

To give or do something for someone else will get you back on track.

Nothing gets me out of my own way like doing something for someone else.

Which is essentially what all the speakers did for me with the Content Creators Summit. Now that I’ve been able to step back and evaluate how it all went (still working on the recap post and podcast), I had to get out of my marketing mind and look at the contribution. Break it down to the fundamental reason I wanted to host a summit on Content Creation:

I want people to get over their fears about creating content.

I truly believe everyone is a content creator.

You can find content ideas in every area of your life.

What you can’t do is get better at creating content if you don’t START creating content.

Instead of thinking about all of the content you need to create (website copy, email marketing, blog posts, videos, podcasts, social images), think about the one thing you can start doing today… and then the next day, and the day after that.

Nothing will get you to your content goals faster than just creating.

Just create ONE piece of content and hit publish.

Then you can take one piece of content and turn that into multiple pieces of micro-content.

There is a fine art to repurposing the content you create and getting more leverage out of the work… every single speaker talked about how to repurpose content in a way that serves your audience. Gone are the days of simply republishing the exact same thing for different platforms.

Automation will always have a place in what we do, but the automation won’t work if the thing you’re sharing doesn’t provide value.

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Want to start a podcast?

– Find out how Lee Jackson re-branded his successful podcast and launched a profitable community under the new brand… in less than 2 months

– How Troy Dean used a podcast to create a 7-figure business with devout members

– Why Carol Cox started her podcast and how you can use a podcast to grow your personal brand

What about a YouTube Channel or live streaming?

– Coach Jennie talks about her ‘live’ moment on CreativeLive with Mel Robbins and how she’s committed to turning that powerful moment into a video show… ‘Diary of a Fat Life Coach’

– Ross Brand is THE master at repurposing live streams for content on other platforms… find out how you can implement the ‘portfolio method’

– Scared to go live? Use Trish Leto’s 5-minute live recipe to start. TODAY.

Find out how writing will help you with ALL your content

– Christine Sheehy teaches the one simple thing you can do daily to find your core message

– Phil Singleton explains how you can take a podcast and turn it into an amazing piece of written content that the search engines LOVE

– Curtis McHale shares one strategy for creating long-form content that converts (well over 5000 words!)

And that’s only a sampling!

The price for the All-Access Pass is going up tomorrow night!

Get all 24 sessions in audio, video, and written format (transcripts). You get LIFETIME access to all this training! And they’re not quick tactics, these are solid strategies you can use in your business for years to come.

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You’ve got this!

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