Announcing… Deliverit! My First “Build in Public”


I feel like I’ve been teasing this forever, but it’s probably just that this has been almost a year in the making.

Last year, when I was still in Boise, I reached out to my friend Jason Resnick about a possible collaboration.

I’ve known Jason for quite a while now and in the past few years, we’ve both gone down the rabbit hole of email marketing.

Because it works.

I know I’ve said (and will keep saying) that my only business regret is not starting email marketing sooner.

Not just sending emails, but really understanding it, doing it correctly, and getting to the point where it’s my primary traffic source in my business.

Back to reaching out to Jason…

I asked him if he’d be interested in doing an email marketing summit.OOOH! Such an original idea, right? (hardly 😜)

We hopped on a call and started discussing it.

We set up bi-monthly calls to stay on track and create a plan

.One thing we knew was that we wanted to do it differently.

How could we create a unique experience, maybe integrate a physical product (huh?) with an all-access pass as well as make it a no-brainer for speakers and sponsors.

Well, many months and calls later with deep dives into the stages of email marketing, the psychology of where people are at during each stage, and how we could create a different experience, we pivoted.

(you knew this GIF was coming, right?)

We decided to create a public experiment instead! 😲

This is where “Deliverit” comes in.

We have officially launched the Deliverit Newsletter where each week we’re going to break down ONE strategy we’re using to grow an email list from scratch.

After all, there’s no point in learning how to get good at email marketing if you don’t have a list to email, right?

The best part?

This is ZERO cost to you.

We’re going to share it all.

What worked, what didn’t, what surprised us, and the data behind each experiment.


We know we’re already starting this with a little bit of an advantage since we both have audiences and email lists of our own.

That being said, other than Jason and myself subscribing to Deliverit, we’re still starting at zero. Nada. Ziro (that’s Spanish, I’m finally digging in to learn Spanish after 8 months 😉).

Now all that’s left to do is sign up!

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