AI Updates & their Impact On Content

AI updates

Let’s explore some of the AI updates and their impact on content.

It’s probably safe to say that it would have been hard to be online last week and not have seen some announcement about what’s happening with AI.

I’ll share a few links to some of the news if you missed it, but before we do that…

I was playing around with SketchWow (I forgot how much I love that tool)… does your brain ever feel like this? 👇

Mine does… and I love it (AI, that is, not my brain on overdrive).

It’s probably pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of AI.

As much of a fan as I am, trying to keep up with it sometimes can be a little overwhelming.

Not that I have to… even though I’m incorporating AI into everything I do, I’m not about to start an AI agency or completely flip my business model.

I am, however, on a mission to find the best way for solopreneurs and small businesses to integrate it in a way that works for them.

What’s happening is fascinating, but I’m not sure I need to pay attention to billion-dollar valuations for companies (It’s hard to wrap my head around some of these numbers) or who is raising money.

I like to have a certain level of awareness from a learning perspective, but what’s most important is how it impacts my life and the lives of my customers/subscribers.

It reminds me of the newsletter space (stay with me – this will make sense).

The first Newsletter Conference was recently held, and plenty of key players and big-name newsletters spoke, attended, etc.

But as a solopreneur, I’m much more interested in what my peers or people who are a few steps ahead of me are doing than what Morning Brew is doing.

That’s not to say there isn’t something to learn from these major publications, but I’m not interested in creating a media company or growing a huge list simply to find big sponsorship deals.

My point is that there is a gap.

And this is where the opportunity lies.

You can integrate AI into your business without needing to go ‘ALL in’ on AI. And you can do it in a way that serves both you AND your customers.

AI is impacting every single aspect of marketing as we know it:

Content (all of it – written, audio, video, graphics):

Social Media




Search (this is a BIG one… I’d love to talk to any of you SEO people to hear your thoughts!)

The beauty of this is that YOU get to define what that looks like for YOU.

I’ll explore this more in everything I do and share my processes and journey. In fact, I might even bring back “The AI Marketing Chronicles” newsletter I started last year. 🤔

Ok – here are some key highlights of last week’s AI news and some links. This is just a teeny tiny fraction of it (not all are from last week):

OpenAI released ChatGPT 4o (worst name ever – that’s literally a little ‘o’ – not a zero)- and there’s a desktop app for Mac

✔ Voice capability coming in early June

Google Keynote on all their announcements

Microsoft Surface Copilot + PC

Meta has a new AI assistant (have you noticed AI on Meta if you go to search?)

This isn’t specific to AI, but I’m a huge fan of Scott Galloway. His predictions for 2024 address AI, social, and a whole lot more.

Watch Scott Galloway’s Predictions for 2024 at OMR24 here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on using AI in your business and your challenges.

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