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Imagine if creating content made you feel like a kid who gets a brand-new box of Crayons and a blank canvas?

Remember when you first started your online business and you were excited about sharing your message with the world while earning a living that allowed you the lifestyle you wanted?

Then you heard about SEO, keywords, long-form content, and all kinds of things you were going to have to do in order to get found on the internet. The overwhelm sank in and before you knew it a few years had passed with only a few pieces of content published. Then you thought, “hey! I’ll use social media for FREE to drive traffic to my content and website!”

We all know how that’s working these days, don’t we? Free social traffic still works, but you have to work twice as hard or invest a lot of money into paid traffic.

After 10 years online, and thousands of dollars invested in Masterminds, courses, books, and every tool imaginable, I realized, much like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, that I “always had it in me.” I decided to “JustShowUP” and started turning everything into content. I capture moments that most would overlook and share it in a way that makes me relatable to my audience.

Widowed to the Web.

In 2003 my life was turned upside down when I lost my husband in a car accident. He was 32 at the time and our kids were only 6 & 2. This is one of those things that you think only happens to ‘other people.’ The next 5 years would prove to be the most difficult years of my life.

I decided to go ‘all in’ with an online business in 2008. Even as a kid I knew in my gut that I was meant to ‘do my own thing’ (i.e., not have a job working for someone else). I wasn’t sure what that looked like and like many other entrepreneurs tried my hand a lot of different things. I found the internet and would love to tell you that the rest is history, but it’s been a journey. Some high highs and some low lows… but every day doing this has been better than any day a ‘job’

Prior to that, I had spent most of my adult working life in retail management (even if you’ve never worked retail, you know it’s not a great quality of life) and always wanted out. I felt stuck.

When I started my business my goal was to be an information marketer, yet somehow I ended up building client websites with WordPress, built a brand around WordPress (as ‘The WordPress Chick’) and found myself with an outsourcing company.

None of which was ever really what I wanted to do.

Fortunately at about 5 years in I launched my podcast, The WPChick Podcast, and things took off (this was without a doubt the best decision I had made in my business).

Here’s the thing though…

When you start earning an income doing one thing it can be scary as hell to pivot to something else. For me, I simply knew it was time. Time to make a change and do what I really wanted to do.

I went back to fundamentals.

I focused on what I loved doing and knew it was all about #ShowingUP.

I dug into good old-fashioned direct response marketing principles like copywriting, persuasion, advertising, headlines, email marketing and of course, content creation.

Fast forward to 2018 and it was time to say goodbye to ‘The WordPress Chick’ (although she’ll always have a special place in my heart) and hello to Kim Doyal.

I’m going all in with everything here.

Pivoting the podcast, launching a new live show, #JustShowUP TV and about to launch a new physical content planner called Content Creators Planner with an amazing business partner, Jodi Hersh.

A few things you may not know about me


I’m addicted to reading and I love a long bath (a lethal combination for my iPad).

I love the 80s and 90s comedy movies and personal development books. So whether I’m quoting Dr. Wayne Dyer or Wayne’s World, rest assured it comes from the heart and a place of integrity.

I’m Bay Area born and bred and a massive ‘9ers fan. Go easy on me. We’ve had a few tough years, okay?

I believe “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Yep, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Like, HUGE. Go on. Quiz me! (That quote’s from The Prisoner of Azkaban).

I have two amazing kids and I’m so excited to see their own entrepreneurial dreams emerging. Raising them alone is one of the toughest and most rewarding things I’ve ever had to do. Being around for my kids, having awesome experiences as a family, inspiring them to be fully themselves and to take charge of their futures, are huge factors in my ‘why’.

There’s a lake house in my future. I can see it already….

Kim Doyal


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