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Here we go friends…a few days away from Christmas and a week away from 2018.

I’ll be taking some time off next week, doing some planning, and getting ready for all that the New Year is going to bring. It hit me yesterday that I’ve pretty much spent the majority of 2017 putting things in place for 2018.

Mind you… I thought these things would have been started months ago, but that’s life, isn’t it?

Besides the tactics and strategies I’ll be implementing next year, I have ONE primary intention (goal). And it’s one I think we should ALL focus on.

Ready for this?

No… I’m not going to tell you to ‘do the work’…that’s a given.

It’s to bet on your strengths.

The beauty of this is that you get to STOP doing things, as opposed to adding more things you’re supposed to be good at.

This doesn’t mean you run out and hire a bunch of people you can’t afford right now. It simply means you start planning. Make a list of the things you know should be off your plate and let it percolate. Start having conversations with people about the things you’re going to hand off when the time is right and my guess is that you’ll be surprised at who shows up.

Here’s what I mean.

I’ve FINALLY accepted that not only am I NOT good at some of these things below, I also don’t enjoy them and don’t want to spend the time on them. At all.

  • Administrative tasks. I have to get a VA this year who is a task master. It’s not me.
  • Accounting: Hate it. We’re hiring a CPA firm to get the business entity structured and all the accounting managed for LeadSurveys. This is too important.
  • Advertising: Even though I hired a Facebook ad agency a couple years ago (Jason Hornung, he’s brilliant), and went through his ‘done-with-you’ program, I have zero interest in getting better at this or trying to manage it

Hmm… I just realized those all begin with A…

[thrive_2step id=’16924′]1-page-marketing-plan[/thrive_2step]


Here’s where the magic happens. First, for the administrative tasks, I don’t need it yet. So I’m working on a list of the tasks that need to be handed off and managed by someone else. That can happen in a few months.

As for the accounting… my childhood best friend has her own CPA firm in Sacramento (about an hour from me) and is going to help me with all of this. Obviously we’re going to hire her, but there’s more wiggle room here than if I were to go find someone off the street (and I trust her because she’s brilliant).

I had been thinking about the advertising for a while… I knew paid traffic had to be part of our strategy for LeadSurveys as soon as possible, but I didn’t know what that looked like. I was dreading doing it myself and had been playing with the idea of being able to just hire someone. I reconnected with a friend I met through a mastermind a few years ago, had an amazing call yesterday and yes… he owns a media buying company.

I’m heading to Salt Lake City in January to have everything mapped out (and will be recording the trip and creating content along the way).

We won’t be jumping into paid traffic immediately with LeadSurveys but the timing should line up pretty nicely.

My strengths are creating content, connecting, and showing up.

And that’s what I’m betting on.

Part of that, of course,┬áincludes finding the best tools to help me do all those things… and you know how much I love my tools.

Which is what my ‘holiday present’ is for you today.

A FREE tool (it says 100% free forever… although my guess is a premium version is coming down the road) that brilliantly maps out your funnels for you.

I know this image is a little hard to see, but here’s a screenshot of the Content Crib Notes funnel:


One of the coolest features is that you enter the URL of the pages and it pulls in a thumbnail /screenshot of the page (see the first two pages).

You can also share funnels with people… how cool is that?

This is great for yourself as well as clients.

Check out Funnelytics here

They also have a free Facebook group and are super engaged with updates and live streams.


[thrive_2step id=’16924′]1-page-marketing-plan[/thrive_2step]

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