From 6 Figures in Debt to 6 Figures a Month – My Interview with Adam Spiel WPCP: 031


Here’s the deal.

I know that the headline of this episode is probably not sitting well with some people, but the reality is it’s a fact and it’s a POWERFUL story. Which is why I wanted to get Adam Spiel on the podcast (besides the fact that he’s just a great guy).


I met Adam at a conference my second year in business. The conference was O.K., (I honestly don’t remember much outside of the name of the conference) but the connections I made proved to be priceless (I know you’ve heard this before, so this probably isn’t news). We met up another month later at another conference and had a chance to hang out a little more and I knew he was someone that I could truly trust and build a friendship with. In other words, no B.S.

Over the years we stayed in touch to check in with how our businesses were growing. Adam went through some major shifts in what he was doing (and what he was earning) and it always inspired me! During all that time I was still building The WordPress Chick (no complaints, everything happens in divine order, I truly believe that) and always loved hearing what Adam was currently working on (it changed and evolved until he moved his business model into what he’s doing today and has been doing for the last year and a half). He always surprised me with either the leap of faith he had taken, the income he was earning or the direction he was moving in.


Because as someone who, (until I found this business) has attempted multiple businesses I completely understood his drive to find his “right thing”. What is most inspiring to me about Adam’s journey is that he constantly put himself out there and still does today. With every new venture he stepped into he went into it FULL FORCE! He never doubted himself, he took risks every time and simply kept moving forward.

Adam’s Story

I’m not going to re-tell the whole story here because I want you to listen to the interview, but like many of you Adam graduated college not exactly sure what he wanted to for a living and ended up in real estate. Which, we all kind of know how that turned out, right? What he didn’t realize at the time though was that the skills he was using in his real estate business (direct mail and email marketing campaigns) would be vitally important to his business later (although, for what it’s worth, most things we experience in our careers and business all have some built-in lesson in them, we’re just not privy to when we connect the lesson with the benefit).

You’ll hear how he got started in online marketing (websites, much like yours truly), how he got himself into 6 figures of debt his first year (and how he got out of it) to now… earning 6 figures a month.


The Game Changer… i.e, Facebook Advertising

Adam went through a little period of reflection and realized he needed to venture out on his own and do his own thing for a while (you’ll hear how he had done a few joint ventures with partners which were great but not the direction he wanted to go in). Which is when he got into Facebook Advertising.

Initially he just started testing the platform, trying some things out and measuring what was working (novel idea, huh?). The more time he spent on Facebook advertising the more intrigued he got…and the better his results were.

After running successful campaigns for himself in Facebook, Adam started advertising that he could teach other people how to get results in their business with Facebook Advertising.

And a business was born.

Adam took everything he learned, put it into a membership site and created a mastermind (this is the mastermind that I’m in and have mentioned a few times in recent episodes). From there he’s been scaling, leveraging and building what can easily be called an Empire.

And like I mentioned in the episode, leave me your comments and let me know what you think.

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