5 Ways to Improve Your Blog in 10 Minutes or Less

Improve-Your-BlogThis is a guest post by Tanya Peterson of Blogelina.com

Have you ever found yourself staring at your computer screen, wondering what in the world you should do next?

The other day, I had completed all my tasks for the day and still had a few minutes of blogging time left. I found myself at a loss for how to effectively spend those minutes. So, unfortunately, they were wasted.

Blogging time is way too precious to waste. I’m a mom blogger so I can vouch for that – every minute counts! So I decided to do a little brainstorming and a little research. The following list is what I came up with. Next time those few extra minutes show up, I’ll be prepared to make the most of them.

* Find out which day of the week is your high traffic day. Analyze your blog stats to find out which day of the week typically sees the most traffic on your blog. Make a note of the info you find. Next time you have a really great post written, consider scheduling it to be published on your high traffic days.

* Start following the major blogs in your niche. Once you’re following them, you can begin to pay attention to what they’re doing that’s working and think about ways to apply it to your own blog.

* Take a look at Ezine.com. Search for your blog’s category. Click on an article that is displayed and scroll down to the end of the article. “Popular articles in this category” should be listed. Make a list of what topics are hot and set it aside for when you’re brainstorming for a post topic.

* Send an email to an old commenter. Hopefully, you’re regularly getting in touch with the readers who comment on your blog, anyway. Why not send a note to someone who commented on your blog a while ago? Tell them you’ve missed hearing from them and invite them back, giving them a rundown of your recent blog content. This can be a great way to reconnect with your readers, especially if you have new content that relates to the posts they read and commented on.

* Sign up for a free account at bit.ly. Start using your account from now on so you can track your link clicks.

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  1. WordPress Chick what do you find are the best traffic building activities? I enjoy being on twitter and facebook, and have found that is your hit the right facebook fanpage you can drive a good amount of traffic. But what would be your top 3 traffic building activities?

  2. I like these ideas and have just one question. How would a person react if you would send an e mail that was not asked for (he/she not subscribed or something)?

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