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I seem to be on a kick lately of paying attention to tracking and numbers and along those lines you are going to love my next guests!  Benji Hyam and Devesh Khanal started a blog site about content marketing and converting call GrowandConvert.com.  These guys have an amazing blog thatDevesh Khanal you should subscribe to! Before even interviewing these guys I realized what a goldmine their site was. If you want to get more traffic to your site and don’t know how to do it… follow their journey with this blog. Every. Step. Of the Way. My guess is that even if you implemented one or two things you’d see a noticeable difference. It will probably also help you step back and look at your blog & business from a different perspective.

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Benji-HyamBesides running this blog, Devesh runs a conversion optimization agency called Devesh Design to help companies increase their conversion rates and email list size.  Benji is the Director of Growth for a company called Everwise in San Francisco and also has a company in San Diego called Founder Insights to learn about how founders grew their businesses.

*Quick update since the recording of this episode: Benji has ‘quit his life’ (his words) and is going full time with GrowandConvert.com. You can read his post on ‘Why he quit his life’ in the link below on his personal site.

I have to tell you too… I probably could have stayed on the interview for hours with these guys and will definitely get them on individually. It’s probably also the quietest I’ve ever been in an interview.

Questions I asked Devesh & Benji:

  1.  Before we get into “Grow and Convert”, can you fill the listeners in on what you do outside of this project?
  2.  How did you guys connect?
  3.  Explain to everyone what Grow and Convert is.
  4.  What are you guys doing to grow it? Meaning, can you share some of the strategies you’re implementing to take Grow and Convert to 40,000 visitors in 6 months?
  5.  You have until April 17th to reach your goal, how’s it going so far?
  6.  Based on your background & experience, what are a few common mistakes you see people making when trying to grow a blog and get traffic?
  7.  If you could suggest ONE strategy that people could implement today, what would that be?
If you start something and it doesn't work, it doesn't mean it won't work with some tweaks - Devesh Khanal Click to Tweet

What You’ll Learn in the Episode:

  1.  The book Devesh recommends for a quick read that will have a big impact.
  2.  The formula for developing a good content strategy for your business.
  3.  Some good distribution tactics for sharing your content
  4.  Some of the challenges they’ve faced in their own businesses

Connect more with Devesh & Benji:



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    1. Thanks Jon!
      I LOVE what they’re doing! So much to learn & implement, right?
      Let me know how the testing goes for you!
      and YOU rock!

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