It Took 11 Years, But It Was Totally Worth It

11 years

Queue Earth, Wind, & Fire…

“Do you remember… the 21st night of September?”

And yes, now that song is on loop in my head 😉 (there are certainly worse songs that could be on loop though, right?).

Fall feels a bit like a fresh start to me. Similar to New Year’s, but not quite as dramatic. You can go within a bit, do a little reflecting, we start bundling up… more cozy time.

Which is good, because I need a bit of a fresh start after the last few months.

I spent last week in Orlando at the Recurring Revenue Retreat, where I had the opportunity to speak about recurring revenue. My talk was on finding the ‘right’ recurring revenue (because I had two services that really weren’t a good fit for me in the past, but I kept them going because they were paying the bills).

My ‘right’ recurring revenue took me 11 years to find, but that’s O.K.

There’s a lot of magic that happens in the process of finding your ‘right’ thing. Ideally, it won’t take you 11 years, but even if it does, keep going.

It wasn’t until I drew a line in the sand for myself about what I really wanted to be doing that the clarity started kicking in.

For me, it was content marketing.

I had no idea what that would look like when I pivoted, but once I did everything started to fall into place.

First I created the Content Creators Facebook group (which, if you haven’t joined yet, we’d love to have you).

I simply wanted a place to connect with other creators. I let go of any expectations and simply committed to ‘showing up’.

There have been ups & downs with the group, but it’s all been worth it.

I’ve done a few courses on content marketing (and have more coming out), and last year launched the Content Creators Planner.

Creating content, like anything else, gets easier the more you do it.Content Creators Planner

Some people love it, some people want to hire someone to do it, which is fine.

But you need to do it.

The Content Creators Planner was born out of a need I had.

I wanted to make sure my content was helping me achieve my goals and was supporting the direction I was going in my business.

I reached out to my friend (and now business partner), Jodi Hersh, and asked if I could either hire her or would she like to partner with me.

Her answer?


I went to work with drawing out pages, Jodi made them into something real in In-Design and BOOM. The Content Creators Planner was born. There were a lot of additional steps between idea and holding it in our hands, but for the sake of time, we’ll keep it short.

I’ve been pretty quiet about the planner these last few months because of life circumstances but guess what?

It’s selling every day (the beauty of paid traffic).

We have big plans for the brand and content, but we both had some major life challenges to deal with this summer so backed off a bit, allowing one another time to handle what was going on.

Side note: as much as I love digital, there is something pretty amazing about holding a physical product in your hand that you created.

We also have a Content Masterclass that trains you on how to use the planner.

And if you’d prefer a digital version of the planner, we’ve got that too. It works beautifully on tablets with Notability (yes, I used the planner as an excuse to upgrade my iPad so I could use the pencil).

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