Episode 100! The Journey So far, Massive Changes & Where I’m Headed

WP Chick Podcast Episode 100

The problem with referencing songs when you’re writing is that they get stuck in your head.

Like… forever.

I just got done writing an email about my friend Troy Dean’s new course (Rock Star Empires) and referenced a bunch of 80’s music (more specifically, Van Halen songs… because I love Van Halen). Then as I opened my editor to start writing out this post and thinking back to when I launched the podcast, the song “Oh What A Night”… “(late December back in 63… what a very special time for me… ” even though I wasn’t even alive in 63, the ‘Oh What a Night’ popped into my head. You’re welcome. And for those of you who don’t know the song? Go to YouTube… it’s by The Four Seasons and is just as awesome song).

So for whatever reason… when I start reflecting on the good things in my life, ‘Oh What A Night’ cues right up.

I’m always amazed at how music can transport me back to another time & place in seconds.

Or change my mood (lift my spirits, energize me, calm me down or even bring me to tears).

But it’s not just the music… it’s the lyrics. It’s the ‘why’ behind the music.

Which brings me to my own ‘Why’.

I think this is something that as entrepreneurs we find ourselves re-evaluating from time to time (which is a good thing). I am going through some major changes in my personal life (selling my house, probably the last summer my daughter will be living at home, my son has started working, is getting his drivers permit and I have completely closed the door on certain aspects of my business).

As my kids start taking off in pursuit of their own dreams, my why has totally shifted.

When I started my business 8 years ago my kids were a HUGE part of my ‘why’ (to provide for them, be home for them, etc.). They’re still a part of my ‘why’ but more from the perspective that I want them to see that you can go for what you want… have dreams, ignore the herd and follow their hearts.

The Journey So Far

When I decided to launch my podcast a few years ago I did it for the SOLE purpose of wanting to have more fun in my business.

I don’t think I had quite found my voice in my writing yet and was struggling with being the technician, which was NEVER a goal of mine when I decided to start an online business. I’ve done a lot of personality tests (one of my favorite tests for entrepreneurs is Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Test) and I’m never surprised when it reveals that I want to be the ‘Star’. So being behind the scenes as a pair of hands (keep in mind this is what my perception was when I started this… and it’s all about how you position something) has always been frustrating.

In the last three years I’ve…

  • launched an outsourcing company
  • participated in a high-end mastermind (raced a Ferrari, went ziplining, snorkeling, ATV racing in Mexico, hot air balloon and connected with some wonderful people)
  • gotten into paid advertising
  • traveled more than I had in the previous 5 years (Hawaii a couple times, Mexico, Scotland, France, Las Vegas (not a fan), St. Louis, Park City Utah
  • doubled my email list
  • launched a high-ticket, done-for-you podcasting service
  • done coaching (stopped for a while  and will be doing so
  • grew my team to 12 people
  • gotten one child graduated from HS and off to college (3 more years for the second one)
  • had a friend live with me for a year
  • decided to sell my house (recently)
  • … enjoyed it all and decided it’s time for a new chapter

All of this has been a wild ride. Most of it amazing, some of it frustrating and exhausting.

The podcast, while not always as consistent as I would like it to be, has been the one constant (along with this brand).

And outside of the podcast, there are going to be some massive changes.

Massive Changes

The first big change is happening in my personal life.

I’ve decided to sell my house. It’s a little sooner than I was planning (my son has 3 more years left in high school and I was planning to move then), but I know without a doubt it’s time. I’m scaling a LOT back in my business so I can go in a new direction and part of that means creating more ease in my life.  My house isn’t a mansion or anything, but I want less ‘stuff’ to take care of.

I’m also scaling my team way back. I’ve had a ton of fun over the last year & a half having one of my closest friends work with me as my project manager but with my latest decision there really isn’t a need to have that position.

That decision?

No more service work.

I mentioned before that I never got into this business (meaning an online business) to build websites for people. I fell in love with WordPress and everything happened somewhat organically, which makes sense. The problem with doing what brings you money, even if you don’t enjoy it, is that the excitement of the work wears off quickly and frustration builds even faster. It’s easy to get excited about a project with a client, the potential, the different ways you can help them grow their business. But then you remember that you’re dealing with a human being with a personality (that was the nicest way I could phrase that). A large percentage of people who want a website for their business don’t have any clue with what is involved (which I know makes sense since they’re hiring you) and they come to the project with a pre-conceived idea of the value of it. The amount of projects that linger for months makes me a little crazy too.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’ve  had some amazing clients and met some awesome people. I’ve also made plenty of mistakes along the way and I’m sure have disappointed and upset people as well (I know I’m human too). At the end of the day, it’s simply not worth it. I don’t want to build an agency and focus on higher priced projects. There’s not enough leverage in services so it’s time to move on. Keep in mind I have a few clients I’m working with still to either wrap projects up or continue working together (because they’re wonderful people and a true joy to work with), but outside of that? No more websites or done-for-you technical projects (which means I have to change things up on the site a bit, so stay tuned for that).

Where I’m Headed

I am SO excited about this next chapter!

For The WordPress Chick:

I have a Thrive Opt-in Funnel course I’m releasing next week (how to create your Thrive opt-in funnel from start to finish, including the email copy and opt-in templates) and will be changing up the sections on the homepage to reflect the new direction.

When you have a lot of service work for clients it takes away from the time you can create content, courses, tutorials… whatever. Part of all of that will be to monetize this site in a much more strategic way. With the amount of visitors I get I’m going to be more focused on conversions and creating content that helps me go in the right direction.

I want to share the monetization strategies as I’m going: what’s working, what didn’t work, how I’m implementing, etc. The primary ways will be through affiliate marketing (and remember, these are things I use or have tested), products (my own… I have a plugin I’m collaborating on and can’t wait to share more about that with you) and sponsorship of the podcast! I have a new sponsor coming in July so you’ll hear more about them as we get closer.

Creating income outside of the Brand

I’m stepping into a WHOLE new arena here.

CPA marketing, affiliate marketing (outside of the brand), eCommerce and possibly FBA (fulfilled by Amazon).

Mind you… I’m obviously not doing all of this at once, but it’s part of an entirely new world to me that I had NO idea existed (at least on the scale that it does).

I’ll be launching my first campaign next week and will be sharing the results of that as well. I’m close to launching a niche site that will be monetized through a few different channels (again, I’ll share it all here with you guys, but not until the site is officially public). I’ve started a Facebook page for the niche site and am sharing and engaging to see what people want (that alone has been fascinating).

Part of this journey includes another podcast! 🙂

I’ve sort of joined another ‘team’ (mastermind) and will be hosting their podcast and doing the interviews (which is great because I feel like I’m getting paid to learn). The content will revolve around all of this (CPA, affiliate marketing, paid traffic, etc.) and is called ‘Clicks Into Cash’. We should be launching in a couple weeks.

Why the change?

It’s time.

I love creating content, writing, sharing and engaging, but I want to do it without the pressure of income attached to it (which I’m sure that alone will increase the income! haha).

It’s time to ‘show up’ for myself.

I think cashflow should be everyone’s priority in business FIRST… because it allows you to pursue the passions. Is this my perception? Absolutely. Your ideas may be very different, but I can say without any doubt that I think most people would agree that when money is flowing you bring better energy to everything you do.

I’ve said plenty of times (maybe too many times), that I’m tired of the hustle.

I simply want to earn a great living (and not to acquire more stuff… because I’m tired of taking care of stuff), connect with great people, travel and enjoy what I do.

As scared as I am about the unknown… I’m also ridiculously excited.

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