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Welcome to the 173rd issue of the SPARK. A weekly newsletter where inspiration meets real online strategies, behind-the-scenes stories, and a boatload of valuable resources.

Hi, Reader,

Earlier this week, I did a 6.5-hour round-trip to see my mentor.

That meant getting up to an alarm (I know, poor me) that was set for 5:45 am, which is “too early o’clock” for me. πŸ˜‰

But it was worth every.single.minute.

The official countdown for my move back to Costa Rica has started (I have my place effective July 1st!), and my Dad has decided to list his house for sale (to move closer to my siblings).

So, needless to say, the next four months will be busy.

This is probably why I didn’t realize how much I needed that trip to see my mentor until I took it.

That’s the beauty of putting things on the calendar.

They’re much more likely to happen.

This made me realize I need to schedule more “unplugged” time into my week.

Sometimes, I’m a bit of a contradiction.

Considering this newsletter used to be called #FtheHUSTLE, it’s probably no secret that I’m not interested in anything that feels like ‘hustle and grind.’

On the flip side, when I feel inspired and in alignment, I can work seven days a week pretty easily (especially when it’s cold and rainy outside).

Bringing “Everything is Content” back and incorporating it with AI has felt like turning on the firehose.

One thing leads to another, and then that inspires a different angle, inspires more content, and gives me more ideas.

Fortunately (I think… I haven’t crashed yet), I’m implementing and doing the work as it comes (i.e., not just playing or coming up with ideas).

My biggest challenge during times like this, when I feel inspired and take massive (imperfect) action, is to be easy about it.

I’ve accepted that things tend to take longer than I think they will and that my energy in the morning doesn’t usually last throughout the day (don’t ask me to think too hard past 4 or 5 PM).

I also know that everything most things that need to get done always get done.

If they don’t?

It must not have been as urgent or important as I thought it was.

This is also why I’m “on a mission” to simplify my business as much as possible.

One core set of offers based on a solid foundation, and the majority of my time is spent ensuring I’m driving traffic to those offers and refining them with each iteration.

I joined an Amanda Bond webinar a few weeks ago, and she talked about her journey with her course, ‘The StrADegy System’ (her course for Facebook ads).

For the first round (2018?), she started with a Google Doc and payment link, put it on social media, and filled her first live version of the course (which she outlined and created as she went).

The next two versions were DIY courses (if I’m remembering correctly), and for the third version, she hired a company to refine and improve the branding and experience.

And dammit. She created a Harry Potter theme (dammit, because I love me some Harry Potter… but I’m not at the stage for her stuff yet).

This last version she just launched was a done-with-you cohort and was 5k (her first live version in a few years).

Well worth every penny, I’m sure (she knows her stuff).

The point of sharing this with you is to point out the iterative process here.

I know I’ve been “guilty as charged” when it comes to coming up with new ideas or wanting to try the next thing (usually because I didn’t get the results I was hoping for).

But I’ll tell ya… I have completely changed my tune.

Creating something good, getting validation, and then iterating and refining it through feedback, connection, and testing…

That’s where the magic happens (of course, I had to use magic ⚑).

Don’t be quick to give up on something because you didn’t get ‘big’ results right away.

Give yourself time and stick with it.

But if you don’t? Let go of the judgment and keep going.

SPARK Spotlight πŸ”₯

You’ve probably heard of this tool as a phone app, but you might not know there’s a desktop version as well. AND… the free version is pretty great. You get 3 hours of video conversion (long-form video to shorts!) – for FREE!

​Use CapCut free here​

A Little Brainpower 🧠

An often overlooked strategy for growth on social. “Steal my 5-Step LinkedIn Commenting Strategy.”​

I loved the phrase “content first.” “Focus on what matters instead of pandering to sponsorships that don’t align with your vision.” ​

For my newsletter operators. “How To Increase Ad CTR (Click Through Rate) and Get More Sponsor Renewals.”​

Tool Time πŸ› 

Kind of hard to ‘unsee’ Bert 🀣

The first “Everything is Content” workshop went great!

It took a little longer to render the recording than I thought, but the replay is going out to everyone who signed up later today.

If you missed it, I’ll have details on how you can get the on-demand workshop soon.

One of the reasons I love doing workshops live is the interaction and connection with people.

It’s truly the best way to find out where people are stuck and what they need help with and… to circle back to the opening of the newsletter… learn where you can iterate for next time.

And there will definitely be a next time.

That’s it for this week.

Have a fantastic day,

p.s. If you’re in the States (and Canada, I believe), don’t forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend. ⏰

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